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Artikler og artikelsamlinger på dansk og nordisk

Articles in English

Web sites and collections of articles (in English)

Appendix 1: Marxism & Terrorism

Appendix 2: Konspiration og 11. september

Costs of War
“… there has been no comprehensive accounting of the costs of the United States’ wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Pakistan. The goal of the Costs of War project has been to outline a broad understanding of the domestic and international costs and consequences of those wars.”


Theme: Resources on 9/11 and the War on Afghanistan

Federation of American Scientists

Issue: Terrorism
“The September 11 attacks have transformed the national security landscape. This resource provides information and analysis to aid in critical analysis of emerging security policy.”

“Content about the September 11 terrorist attacks in the US and their aftermath.”

Monthly Review

Theme: Essays on Imperialism

Reds – Die Roten

Theme: World Trade Center

Socialist Worker (US)

Theme: September 11 and the ‘war on terrorism’
“SW Online’s ongoing coverage and analysis.”

Third World Traveler

Theme: September 11th, 2001
With sections: References, Books, Articles, Links.

Theme: Terrorism Watch
With sections: Terrorism statistics, September 11th, Books, Articles.

Theme: Foreign Policy Watch
With sections: Books, Articles, Authors.

Theme: Civil Liberties Watch

Workers Liberty

Featured topics: War and Terror

Theme: War and Terror: Resources on the war and terrorism
“This page will collate resources from around the Workers’ Liberty website, and also provide you with relevant links to other websites.”

World Socialist Web Site

The record of the World Socialist Web Site on 9/11
“[Our site] has an unparalleled record of articles and commentary on the terrorist attacks of September 11, their origins and political consequences.”


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