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Einstein, Albert
Relativity: The Special and General Theory
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The Einstein File
Using material newly obtained through the Freedom of Information Act, Fred Jerome weaves information from Einstein’s almost two-thousand-page FBI file with the history of the period to create a spy-story-like narrative that also explores Einstein’s political dimension.
From the moment Albert Einstein arrived in the United States in l933, the year of the Nazis’ ascent to power in Germany, until his death in l955, J. Edgar Hoover’s FBI, assisted by several other federal agencies, began feverishly collecting “derogatory information” in an effort to undermine the renowned physicist’s influence and destroy his reputation. For the first time, Fred Jerome tells the story in depth of that anti-Einstein campaign, explains why and how the campaign originated, and provides the first detailed picture of Einstein’s little-known political activism.

 The FBI and Albert Einstein (World Socialist Web Site, 3 September 2002)

 The FBI’s secret war against Albert Einstein (Green Left Weekly, September 25, 2002)


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