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Al-Ahram Weekly

 Imperial perspectives (Issue 648, 24 July, 2003).
“The distortions of imperial perspectives produce further distortions in Middle Eastern society that prolong suffering and induce extreme forms of resistance.”

 American Zionism – The real problem (1) (Issue 500, 21 November, 2000) + More on American Zionism (2) (Issue 502, 5 October, 2000) + More on American Zionism (3) (Issue 506, 2 November, 2000).
“In my opinion, the role of organised Zionist groups and activities in the United States has not been sufficiently addressed … [the] US policy is in effect dominated, if not completely controlled, by a small minority of people whose views about Middle East peace are in some way more extreme than even those of the Israeli Likud.”
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 Naguib Mahfouz and the cruelty of memory (December 16, 2001).
“Mahfouz is now ninety years old, nearly blind, and, after he was physically assaulted by religious fanatics in 1994 …”

 Suicidal ignorance (November 18, 2001).
“By now, at least, it should be clear: the US just doesn’t get it. Time for a change of policy.”

Middle East Information Center

 Zionism from the standpoint of its victims (1979).
Extract from the book: The Edward Said Reader (See Books in English)


 Dignity, solidarity and the penal colony (September 27, 2003).
Edward Said evaluates the situation in Palestine and the Middle East and the attitude in the USA and Europe towards the Arab World. [An Excerpt from The Politics of Anti-Semitism, edited by Alexander Cockburn and Jeffrey St. Clair.

The Nation

 A configuration of themes (October 30, 2003).
This essay was Edward W. Said’s first piece for The Nation from the magazine’s May 30, 1966, issue. It’s a review of Poets Of Reality : Six Twentieth-Century Writers. By J. Hillis Miller. Harvard University Press. 369 pp. Also links to other articles of Edward Said in the Nation.

 The clash of ignorance (October 22, 2001).
Kritik af Samuel Huntington’s article The Clash of Civilizations? (Foreign Affairs, Summer 1993).

New Left Review

 The desertion of Arafat (Issue 11, September-October 2001).
“As pressures mount upon the Palestinians and Israel continues its drive to put down the second Intifada, what kind of leadership does the PNA provide? Excoriating its irresponsibility and corruption, Edward Said issues a call for Arafat’s departure.”

 America’s last taboo (Issue 6, November-December 2000).
“The Palestinian uprising and the blackout of its human and geographical realities by the US media. Edward Said looks at the power of the Zionist lobby in American public life, and warns of the fatal blindness of the PLO and Arab world towards it.”

REDS – Die Roten

 “Islam” and “the West” are inadequate banners (16 September 2001).
“The United States may too often have failed to look outside but it is depressing how little time is spent trying to understand America.”



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