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Linkbox: Den 6. august 2011 udviklede en demo i London-bydelen Tottenham mod et politidrab sig til uroligheder og gadekampe, som breder sig i London de næste 4 nætter og dage ud over engelske storbyer.
(Modkraft.dk/Tidsskriftcentret, august 2011)




Danske artikler

England: Bydel i flammer efter dræbende politiskud. Af Charlotte Lund (Modkraft.dk/Nyheder, 8. august 2011)
“Politidrab på en 29-årig afrikansk familiefar har udløst flere dages optøjer i London-forstaden Tottenham. Årsagen til vreden skal findes i den frustration, magtesløshed og fremmedgørelse …”

London: ‘Gadeoptøjerne skyldes forfejlet velfærdspolitik’. Af Laura Na Blankholm (Modkraft.dk/Nyheder, 11. august 2011)
“Hvorfor gik det så galt? Det udspringer af social ulighed og en vrede mod, politiet der omsider bliver forløst, siger en lokal beboer i Hackney.”

Optøjerne i Storbritanien: en advarsel til borgerskabet. Af Alan Woods (Socialistisk Standpunkt, 12. august 2011)
“Vi afviser aldeles optøjer og plyndringer. Men vores afvisning har intet til fælles med borgerskabets stinkende hykleri.”

Optøjer i England: når prekariatet giver igen. Af Poyâ Pâkzâd & Jan Helbak (Kritisk Debat, 15. august 2011)
“Det er op til dem, som nærer solidaritet med de oprørte, men som samtidig afviser planløse plyndringer, ukontrolleret had og vold, at skabe fora, hvor energien på organiseret vis kan kanaliseres og omformes til politisk skabende kraft.”


Articles in English:

2011 England riots (Wikipedia.org). Længere leksikal artikel.

Reading the riots: Investigating Englands summer of disorder (The Guardian, 5 September 2011). “The Guardian and the London School of Economics will work together on the first empirical study into the rioting and looting.”

The riots one year on. By Tom Harris (Solidarity, Issue 254, 22 August 2012). “It is imperative that the left provides an alternative to this malicious drivel …”

One year since the UK riots. By Robert Stevens (World Socialist Web Site, 8 August 2012). “Riots are only a symptom of a deep-going social malaise … They offer no way forward, no means to fight back.”

Riots: the voice of the unheard. By Viv Smith (Socialist Worker, Issue 2264, 13 August 2011). “Socialists take sides – we support everyone fighting back. As Martin Luther King put it, ‘Riots are the voice of the unheard’.”

Reading the riots: Investigating Englands summer of disorder (The Guardian, 5 September 2011). “The Guardian and the London School of Economics will work together on the first empirical study into the rioting and looting.”

Red Pepper blog about the riots (August 2011- )

UK riots – live blog (Counterfire, 7 August 2011- )

UK riots (Libcom.org, 7 August 2011- ). “Content about the riots which swept the UK in 2011 following the police killing of Mark Duggan.”

Rage erupts against injustice: Young lives blighted by poverty and racism (Socialist Worker, Issue 2264, 13 August 2011). Links til nyhedsdækning, analyser, udtalelser m.m.

August 2011: a riot of our own. By Jonny Jones (International Socialism, Issue 132, Autumn 2011)

Aftermath of August (Weekly Worker, Issue 879, September 1, 2011)
“Eddie Ford looks at the response to the UK riots, both from the establishment and the left.”

After the riots (Socialist Review, September 2011)
“Brian Richardson refutes the media hysteria surrounding last month’s rioting and examines the social conditions that produced this outburst of rage.”

The ex-left and the British riots. By Chris Marsden (World Socialist Web Site, 25 August 2011)
“The riots that swept London and other cities earlier this month revealed the plethora of fake-left groupings that portray themselves as ‘socialist’, ‘communist’ and even ‘Trotskyist’ to be the champions of capitalist ‘law and order’.”

Shoplifters of the world unite. By Slavoj ”ŒÅ½ižek (London Review of Books, 19 August 2011). In Danish: Butiksplyndrere i alle lande – forén jer! (Information.dk, 26. august 2011)
“The rioters’ violence was almost exclusively directed against their own. The cars burned and the shops looted were not in rich neighbourhoods, but in the rioters’ own.” See also critique from Stefan Steinberg: A right-wing rant against British youth from Slavoj ”ŒZi”Œzek (World Socialist Web Site, 27 August 2011)

Why did they rebel? (SocialistWorker.org, August 16, 2011)
“James Illingworth looks beyond the lies and distortions of politicians and media commentators at the real causes of the rebellion that swept cities across Britain.”

Racism, riots and resistance (Socialist Worker, Issue 2265, 20 August 2011)
“Following the urban revolt that saw riots across Britain, Weyman Bennett spoke to Socialist Worker about the causes of the uprisings and the demonisation that followed them.”

Pervasive unemployment and poverty in London areas hit by riots. By Paul Stuart (World Socialist Web Site, 16 August 2011)
“The British political establishment and its state apparatus are imposing the most vicious class justice against young people accused of involvement in the riots that swept London and other cities last week.”

Video: John Rees on the riots: ‘Zero tolerance’ will have ‘zero effect’ (Counterfire, 15 August 2011, 6 min.)
“John Rees, Hackney resident and political activist interviewed by Russia Today about the causes of the riots and the government’s response.”

The scapegoating quicksand (SocialistWorker.org, August 15, 2011)
“Kevin Ovenden looks at the response of right and left to the country’s urban rebellion.”

London burns – causes & consequences of the riots : an anarchist perspective. By Dermot Freeman et al (Workers Solidarity Movement, 13-08-2011)
“… [it] was not some idealised glorious proletarian uprising, but the very real explosion of anger that occurs when years of poverty, police repression, and racism finally reach bursting point”. Long article with YouTube uploads etc.

A fleeting moment of power, pure joy and fulfilment. By Peter Manson (Weekly Worker, Issue 878, August 11, 2011)
“A positive and progressive rebellion against deprivation or unashamed and backward criminality?”

Feral capitalism hits the streets. By David Harvey (Davidharvey.org, 11 August 2011)
“Everyone, not just the rioters, should be held to account. Feral capitalism should be put on trial for crimes against humanity as well as for crimes against nature. Sadly, this is what these mindless rioters cannot see or demand.”

Riots: the voice of the powerless. By Neil Faulkner (Counterfire, 11 August 2011)
“The response to the wave of riots that swept England this week is finely balanced between those denouncing the rioters as hooligans and those talking about poverty and police harassment.”

A rebellion against racism and poverty. By James Illingworth (SocialistWorker.org, August 10, 2011)
“Report on the mass protests and rioting shaking British politics.”

Britain: Inner cities erupt. By Hannah Sell (Socialist Party, 10 August 2011)
“However, rioting is not the means to defeat the government, but, on the contrary, only damages the communities in which working-class people live, and gives the capitalist class an excuse to increase the repressive apparatus of the state.”

Tariq Ali on riots in England: Why here and now?; Neoliberalism’s chickens coming home to roost (Links, August 9, 2011)
“They made the mess. They privilege the wealthy … Yes, we know violence on the streets in London is bad. Yes, we know that looting shops is wrong. But why is it happening now?”

London riots reveals society’s decay. By Steve Jones (Socialist Appeal, 8 August 2011)
“The last few days shows us just how rotten the status quo has become. The riots may die out in a few days (…) but the problem which caused them will not unless we do something about it.”

Neo-liberalism in Britain reaps what it sows. By Terry Conway and Billy Curtis (International Viewpoint, Issue 439, August 2011)
“A riot is a spasm of destructive anger and inarticulate protest but it is one of the ways the voiceless make themselves heard.”

Blame the establishment for the riots! By Sean Matgamna
(Workers Liberty, 9 August, 2011)
“The rioting, looting and burning that is sweeping across London and outside of London can have no directly positive effects on the lives of those who riot or on the lives of their families. The very opposite is true.

Riot police with batons drawn on the streets of Hackney on Monday (Pic: Guy Smallman) (Source: Socialist Worker, Issue 2264, 13 August 2011)


Se også / See also

All hail to the mob (Socialist Worker, Issue 2265, 20 August 2011)
“The ruling class has always tried to paint riots as the actions of a criminal minority – but, as Simon Basketter discovers, the mob has a proud and radical history.”

Urban rebellions and social change. By Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor (SocialistWorker.org, August 12, 2011)
“The urban revolts of the 1960s in the U.S. injected dynamism and urgency about the conditions of urban America into the political discourse of their time.”

A short history of the London riot. By John Rees and Lindsey German (Counterfire, 9 August 2011)
“Politicians and journalists have rushed to blame the riots on ”˜sheer criminality’. The same cry from the defenders of the status quo has echoed down the centuries after every riot in London.”

The Summer of 1981: a post-riot analysis. By Chris Harman
(International Socialism, Issue 14, Autumn 1981, p.1-43)
“The most violent and extensive disturbances on Britain’s streets since the war. That was the press’s verdict on the week of July 3rd-11th. And for once the press was right.”

Emneliste: Opstanden i Frankrig nov. 05 – et socialt oprør (Tidsskriftcentret.dk)

"Stop the Looting" 2011
“Stop the Looting” 2011


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