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Canadian Dimension

 James Petras: Palestine: the final solution and Jose Saramago (maj-juni 2002)

 Abbie Bakan: Opposing Israeli colonialism in the Middle East: what’s left? (maj-juni 2002)

 When does criticism of Israel become anti-semitic? (juli-aug. 2002). Svar fra bl.a. James Petras.
Artiklerne er p.t. ikke online.

 James Petras: Iranian elections: the ”˜stolen elections’ hoax (18. juni 2009)
“Neo-conservatives, libertarian conservatives and Trotskyites joined the Zionists in hailing the opposition protestors as the advance guard of a democratic revolution.” Se kritik fra Alan Woods: Iran: regime steps up terror (In Defence of Marxism, 26. juni 2009)

New Politics
Special section on Cuba (nr.35, summer 2003, s.73-101):
“In the following section, New Politics is pleased to present a set of pieces on the recent trials and executions in Cuba and the response of the anti-imperialist left to that wave of repression.”

 Zane Boyd: The debates over recent arrests and sentences in Cuba
“It appears that Petras finds more kinship with the Stalinist “defenders” of “actually existing socialism” than with the Polish working class and its intellectual defenders.”

 Joanne Landy: James Petras goes over the top on Cuba and the left
“James Petras is so unscrupilous, and such an admirer of repressive Communist regimes, that one can only shudder to think what he would do to Chomsky, Zinn, Wallerstein or the three Campaign for Peace and Democracy co-directors if he and others like him held state power.”


 James Petras: The responsibility of the intellectuals: Cuba, the U.S. and human rights (1. maj 2003)
” The principal author and promoter of the anti-Cuban declaration in the United States (signed by Chomsky, Zinn and Wallerstein) was Joanne Landy, a self-declared ‘democratic socialist’, and lifelong advocate of the violent overthrow of the Cuban government.”


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