Nekrologer & Interview


The 101ers
Joe Strummer (Guitar, vocals)
Clive Timperly (Guitar)
Dan Kalleher (Bass)
Richard Dudanski (Drums)

Elgin Ave. Breakdown, 1981

The Clash
Joe Strummer (Guitar, vocals)
Mick Jones (Guitar, vocals)
Paul Simonon (Bass)
Nicky “Topper” Headon (et al.) (Drums)


The Clash, 1977
Give ’em Enough Rope, 1978
London Calling, 1979
Sandinista!, 1980
Combat Rock, 1982
Cut the Crap. 1985
Westway To The World, 1999

Black Market Clash, 1980
Interchords, 1981
The World According to the Clash, 1982
Story of the Clash, Vol. 1, 1988
Collection, 1989
Crucial Music: The Clash Collection, 1989
1977 Revisited, 1990
Return to Brixton, 1990
Train in Vain, 1991
Clash on Broadway, 1991
The Singles, 1991
Australian 20-Song Collection, 1992
12″ Mixes, 1992
Super Black Market Clash, 1994
Live: From Here to Eternity, 1999
The Clash/London Calling/Combat Rock, 2000

EP’s og singler:
Capitol Radio EP, 1977
Cost of Living, 1979
This Is Radio Clash, 1981
The Escapades of Futura 2000, 1983
This is England, 1985
12″ Tape EP, 1986
Mixed Masters, 1988
I Fought the Law, 1988
Rock the Casbah, 1990
Return to Brixton, 1990
London Calling, 1991
Should I Stay or Should I Go, 1991

The Latino Rockabilly War
Joe Strummer (Guitar, vocals)
Zander Schloss (Guitar)
Lonnie Marshall (et al.) (Bass)
Willie MacNeil (et al.) (Drums)

Permanent Record (Soundtrack), 1988

Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros
Joe Strummer (Guitar, vocals)
Antony Genn (Guitar)
Martin Slattery (Guitar, Keyboards)
Tymon Dogg (Strings)
Scott Shields (Bass, Guitar)
“Smiley” (Bass, Drums)
Pablo Cook (Drums)

Rock Art & The X Ray Style, 1999
Global a Go-Go, 2001

Joe Strummer

Walker, 1987
Earthquake Weather, 1989

EP’s og singler:
Love Kills, 1986
Filibustero 12″, 1987
Trash City, 1988
Gangsterville, 1989
Island Hopping, 1989
Bankrobber 99, 1999
Yalla Yalla, 1999
Johnny Appleseed, 2001


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