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Das Einsteinjahr 2005
Deutschland feiert 2005 das Einsteinjahr, eine gemeinsame Initiative von Bundesregierung, Wissenschaft, Wirtschaft und Kultur. Anlass sind der 100. Geburtstag der Relativitätstheorie und der 50. Todestag des weltberühmten Wissenschaftlers. 1905 veröffentlichte Albert Einstein fünf Aufsätze, die unser Weltbild tief greifend veränderten. Diese Arbeiten revolutionierten die klassische Vorstellung von Raum, Zeit, Materie und Energie.

DR Videnskab: Arven fra Einstein
2005 er Internationalt Fysikår. 1905 var Albert Einsteins mirakuløse år. Han udgav tre artikler, som fik vidtrækkende konsekvenser for al moderne fysik.

Einstein Year 2005
In 1905 Albert Einstein changed physics and the way we understand our world. One hundred years on Einstein Year is celebrating the excitement and diversity of physics today. A range of events and activities will bring the fascination of physics to audiences of all ages, throughout the UK and Ireland during 2005.

Beyond Einstein – Physics for the 21st Century
EPS13 is one of the scientific and educational events organised by the Forum Einstein 2005 Bern: EPS13 participants are invited to take part in other events organised by the Forum , such as the official Einstein celebration to be opened by the President of the Swiss Confederation.

Living Einstein
The aim of Living Einstein is to make material related to the work of Albert Einstein freely available on the internet. This material will include primary sources, scholarly articles, teaching material, as well as links to other Einstein-related websites.

Physics 2005: A century after Einstein
In 1905, Einstein published three papers in Annalen der Physik on special relativity, the photo-electric effect. In the Centenary year, 2005, the IoP is organising a conference to highlight the latest developments of these subjects.

UNESCO: World Year of Physics 2005
During the 24th IUPAP General Assembly held in Berlin, Germany, October 2002 and at the suggestion of the European Physical Society, the International Union of Pure and Applied Physics (IUPAP) declared 2005 as the World Year of Physics. All international science organizations, regional physical societies, national physical societies, and individual physicists were urged to work to make WYP2005 a success. Each national physical society is expected to coordinate and propose activities in its country and during the biennium 2004-2005 preparatory and year-round international, regional and national activities will be implemented. The main purpose of these commemorative activities is to raise worldwide public awareness for physics.

Verdensfysikåret 2005
År 2005 er af UNESCO udnævnt til verdensfysikår.
På denne side finder du information om World Year of Physics 2005 (WYP2005) og om de aktiviteter der planlægges i Danmark til Verdensfysikåret 2005.

World Year of Physics 2005
The World Year of Physics 2005 plans to bring the excitement of physics to the public and inspire a new generation of scientists. Timed to coincide with the centennial celebration of Albert Einstein’s “miraculous year,” the World Year of Physics will be coming to YOU before you know it.

WYP 2005
International Projects for the World Year of Physics 2005.


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