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Linkbox om Jordskælvet i Haiti 2010 / Linkbox on the Haitian earthquake in 2010
(Tidsskriftcentret, januar 2010)




A year after the earthquake in Haiti: the help that hinders (Socialist Worker, Issue 2234, 15 January 2011)
“Writer Peter Hallward spoke to Sadie Robinson about how the West has used last year’s earthquake as an opportunity to impose more control.”

The betrayal of Haiti. By Emmanuel Broadus (Socialist Review, January 2011)
“One year on from the devastating earthquake that killed an estimated 300,000 people, ordinary Haitians are still suffering homelessness, cholera and an occupying army.”

Haiti 2010: Exploiting disaster (pdf). By Peter Hallward (Links, 23 September 2010, 28 p.)
“The following essay is adapted from the Afterword of the 2010 printing of
Hallward’s 2008 book, Damming the Flood: Haiti, Aristide and the Politics of Containment (Verso, 2010).”

Kun de folkelige bevægelser kan trække Haiti ud af ruinerne (Gaia, nr.66, sommer 2010). Interview med Noam Chomsky.
“Analytiker, aktivist og Haiti-kender Noam Chomsky fortæller i dette interview om situationen i Haiti efter jordskælvet, om en historie præget af statskup, militarisering og neoliberal politik der har gjort følgerne af jordskælvet fatale og klassebestemte. I følge Chomsky bør nødhjælpen gå til sociale bevægelser frem for til private entreprenører og NGO’er.”

Imperialism with a human face: Haiti after the quake. By Ashley Smith (International Socialist Review, Issue 70, March-April 2010)
“Why are the majority of Haitians so poor? Why according to the mayor of Port-au-Prince, were 60 percent of the buildings unsafe in normal conditions? Why was the Haitian state so weak and disorganized before and after the earthquake? To answer these questions, we must delve into Haiti’s history.”

The ‘shock doctrine’ for Haiti. By Ashley Smith (SocialistWorker.org, February 8, 2010)
“Amid the catastrophe of the earthquake in Haiti, imperial powers and corporate vultures are circling, eyeing the profits to be made from reconstruction.” Se dansk oversættelse: USA’s chok doktrin i Haiti (Arbejderen, 18. februar 2010)

Haiti – the making of a catastrophe. By Mike Gonzalez (Socialist Review, February 2010)
“After the earthquake struck, the people of Haiti needed food, water and shelter – instead they got US troops and predatory corporations. Haiti’s problems are not just a result of a natural disaster, Mike Gonzalez argues, but are rooted in the country’s history of slavery and exploitation.” Med links til syv andre artikler.

Er haitianerne et dumt og tilbagestående folk, der skal styres? Af Søren Dalager Ditlevsen (Information.dk, 25. januar 2010)
“Den haitianske kultur gør det haitianske folk passive og modstandsdygtige over for fremskridt, lyder det fra både danske og amerikanske debattører. De mener, at Haiti delvist selv er skyld i sine problemer. Men at fremstille det plagede folk som dovne og tilbagestående er uacceptabelt og kan være direkte farligt, lyder kritikken.” Med link i bunden af artiklen til debatten.
Se også Maj Nygaard-Christensen: Globalt hukommelsestab (Information.dk, 31. januar 2010)

Exploitation Nation? Naomi Klein worries Haitians won’t have a role shaping their future. By Katie Paul (Naomiklein.org, January 22nd, 2010)

Haiti: Send flere våben. Af Christine Lundgaard [Modkraft.dk, 21. januar 2010)
Iagtagelser fra Den dominikanske republik.

Haiti: IMF opgiver neoliberale krav efter folkeligt pres. Af Rune Eltard-Sørensen (Modkraft.dk, 21. januar 2010)
“Den Internationale Valutafond (IMF) dropper krav om nedskæringer i den offentlige sektor, som forudsætning for at give lån til det jordskælvsramte Haiti. Det sker efter pres fra græsrodsbevægelse.”

Fight back against the colonial takeover of Haiti! By James Circello (pslweb.org, January 20, 2010)
U.S. ruling class has Haitian blood all over its hands

US Mercenaries Set Sights on Haiti. By Jeremy Scahill (The Nation, January 19, 2010)
The Orwellian-named mercenary trade group International Peace Operations Association created “Within hours of the massive earthquake in Haiti,”… “a special webpage for prospective clients, saying: ‘In the wake of the tragic events in Haiti, a number of IPOA’s member companies are available and prepared to provide a wide variety of critical relief services to the earthquake’s victims.'”

Naomi Klein on Disaster Capitalism in Haiti. By Democracy Now and Naomi Klein (Toward Freedom, 19 January 2010)
Video and Trancript.

Profiting from Haiti’s Crisis. By Benjamin Dangl (Towards Freedom, 18 January 2010)
“US corporations, private mercenaries, Washington and the International Monetary Fund are using the crisis in Haiti to make a profit, promote unpopular neoliberal policies, and extend military and economic control over the Haitian people.”

Haiti then and now. By John Reiman (Daily Censored, January 17, 2010)

Why the US Owes Haiti Billions – The Briefest History. By Bill Quigley (CommonDreams.org, January 17, 2010)

Haiti’s centuries-long battle against imperialism. By Gloria La Riva (pslweb.org, January 15, 2010)
”The history the U.S. government would rather not mention.”

IMF to Haiti: Freeze Public Wages. By Richard Kim (The Nation 01/15/2010)

The West’s role in Haiti’s plight. By Peter Hallward (Links, January 14, 2010)
”If we are serious about assisting this devastated land we must stop trying to control and exploit it.”

Support Victims of the Earthquake in Haiti. By Jason Wallach (Toward Freedom, 14 January 2010)

Haitian Earthquake: Made in the USA. By Ted Rall (CommonDreams.org, January 14, 2010)
Why the Blood Is on Our Hands

What You’re Not Hearing about Haiti (But Should Be). By Carl Lindskoog (CommonDreams.org, January 14, 2010)

Older articles

Haiti page (Third World Traveler)
Articles and book in excerpt.

Repression and Resistance in Haiti, 2004–2006 (Verso, Blog, 13 July 2018)
“Peter Hallward examines political mobilizations among Haiti’s popular classes in the years between the US-backed 2004 coup and the first presidential elections that followed, in 2006 …”


Remembering the coup in Haiti (SocialistWorker.org, October 5, 2010)
“Edna Bonhomme looks at the anniversary of the coup that removed Jean-Bertrand Aristide from power in Haiti, and why activists continue to carry on the fight for justice.”

Democracy versus the people. By Slavoj Zizek (New Statesman, 14 August 2008)
Review of Peter Hallward’s Damming the Flood: Haiti, Aristide and the Politics of Containment (Verso, 2007, 480 pp.)

Haiti under siege: 200 years of U.S. imperialism. By Helen Scott (International Socialist Review, Issue 35, May-June 2004)
“This occupation was [1915 to 1934] in fact a crucial moment in the development of American imperialism, and the brutality and betrayal of the long occupation is consistent with the treatment meted out to Haiti by the U.S. throughout its history to the present day.”

Aristide’s rise and fall: The new occupation of Haiti. By Asley Smith (International Socialist Review, Issue 35, May-June 2004)
“For the third time in the last hundred years, the U.S. has invaded and occupied Haiti. Working behind the scenes, the U.S. conducted a destabilization campaign aimed at toppling the government of Jean-Bertrand Aristide.”

U.S. & Haiti. By Noam Chomsky (Z Magazine, April 2004)
“The basic contours of what led to the current tragedy are pretty clear. Just beginning with the 1990 election of Aristide, Washington was appalled by the election of a populist candidate with a grass-roots constituency just as it had been appalled by the prospect of the hemisphere’s first free country on its doorstep two centuries earlier.”

The uses and abuses of Haiti. Helen Scott interviews Paul Farmer (International Socialist Review, Issue 28, March–April 2003)
“In 1994 Paul farmer wrote The Uses of Haiti, a sweeping history that reveals the consistent role of foreign powers, especially the United States, in the exploitation and oppression of the Haitian people. After several years out of print, an updated version of The Uses of Haiti has now been reissued.”

Sites & Collections

Arbejderen: Tema: Haiti (Arbejderen.dk)

Amnesty International: Haiti

Democracy Now: Haiti

Institute for justice and democracy in Haiti

Haiti Analyses


Human Rights Watch: Haiti

No Shock Doctrine for Haiti. Facebook gruppe med mange links til information.

RaceWire: The Colorlines blog

Socialist Review: Haiti – The making of a catastrophe (February 2010).
Tema med otte artikler.

Socialist Unity
Flere artikler.

Socialist Worker, UK: Special issue: Earthquake in Haiti (Issue 2185, 23 January 2010).
“In a special issue on Haiti we look at the response to the earthquake and examine why the country is so poor.”

Socialist Worker, USA: Special Haiti coverage

ZNet: Haiti Watch


Wikipedia.org: 2010 Haiti earthquake

Wikipedia.org: Casualties of the 2010 Haiti earthquake

Wikipedia.org: Haiti

Wikipedia.org: 1991 Haitian coup d’état

Leksikon.org: Haiti

History Commons: Timeline on Haiti

MIA: History of the Haitian Independence Struggle 1791-1804

See also:

Tidslinjen 1. januar 1. januar 1804 (Modkraft.dk/Tidsskriftcentret)

The book: The Black Jacobins. By C.L.R. James on Toussaint L’Ouverture and the slave rebellion in Haiti (1791-1804) in our list on C.L.R. James (Modkraft.dk/Tidsskriftcentret)

Rebellion of Africans on Haiti 1804

Battle on Santo Domingo, a painting by January Suchodolski depicting a struggle between Polish troops in French service and the Haitian rebels Source: Haitian Revolution (Wikipedia.org)



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