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 Appendix: On Simon Bolivar

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 Linkboxen Hugo Chávez (1954-2013) – links og nekrologer (Modkraft Biblioteket)

Hands off Venezuela!
“The basic principles of the Campaign are: Solidarity with the Bolivarian Revolution – Opposition to imperialist intervention in Venezuela – Building direct links with the revolutionary and trade union movement in Venezuela.”

In Defence of Marxism

 Section: Venezuela
General analysis + Solidarity activities.

International Viewpoint

 Index: Venezuela (articles 2002- ).

Jay’s Leftist and ‘Progressive’ Internet Resources Directory

 Venezuela leftist and ‘progressive’ links

Leftist Parties of the World

“Directory of the entire spectrum of political parties, organizations and groups which consider themselves to be leftist or have origins in leftist movements.”


 Section: Venezuela’s Boliviarian Revolution

Socialist Worker (US)

 The crisis in Venezuela – SW Online’s ongoing coverage and analysis

Third World Traveler

 U.S. Foreign Policy: Venezuela page : Venezuelan Views, News and Analysis
“The site’s aim is to provide on-going news about developments in Venezuela, as well as to contextualize this news with in-depth analysis and background information. The site is targeted towards academics, journalists, intellectuals, investors, government officials from different countries, and the general public.”

Workers Liberty

 Section: Venezuela


 Places: Venezuela


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