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Joe Hill blev henrettet for 100 år siden, 19. november 1915 / Joe Hill was executed 100 year ago on November 19, 1915

Den svenskfødte fagforeningsagitator og poet Joe Hill blev henrettet på opdigtet anklage i Salt Lake City for 100 år siden.

Se biografi, link etc. på linksamling (for hans fødedag) 7. oktober 1879 på Tidslinjen.

In English:

The Sweedish born union agitator and poet Joe Hill was executed gross miscarriage of justice on November 1915.

See links below and to articles etc. on our Timeline on his day of birth, October 7, 1879.


Some songs by Joe Hill

Billy Bragg – There is Power in The Union (by Joe Hill, 1913)

Ante Blomberg – “Pie in the Sky” “The Preacher and the Slave” (IWW Little Red Song Book) (by Joe Hill, 1910)

Joe Hill’s ‘The Tramp’ played by Cisco Houston

Utah Phillips – Where the Fraser River Flows (by Joe Hill, 1910). Lyrics: Marxists Internet Archive

Casey Jones – Pete Seeger. Lyrics: Marxists Internet Archive  (“..shovelling sulphur; That’s what you get for scabbing ..”)

Cathy Richardson singing the classic Joe Hill song “Rebel Girl”. Written by Hill for Elizabeth Gurley Flynn prior to his execution in Salt Lake City in 1915. Lyrics Folk Archive. See on Gurley Flynn: Timeline 5. oktober  1964


Joe Hill by Phil Ochs (YouTube.com, 7:45 min.)

Joe Hill’s Last Will by Utah Phillips (YouTube, 3:13 min.)

See also: “Alive As You And Me”: The Songs of Joe Hill. By David Cochran (New Politics, November 17, 2015)


I Deamt I Saw Joe Hill Last Night (YouTube.com, app. 3 min.). Lyrics (Union Songs) by Alfred Hayes, Music: Earl Robinson

Versions: (on YouTube.com)

Joan Baez (Woodstock, 1969)

Paul Robeson – Robeson singing the famous labor ballad with photo overlay

Pete Seeger – with photo overlay

Bruce Springsteen- “Joe Hill” (Tampa, FL 05/01/14)

By Danish artist Janne Lærkedahl: Joe Hill (kilde: Solidarity Forever, Solidarity Songs, 2011)

In Swedish: Balladen om Joe Hill – Fred Åkerström


Industrial Workers of the World | One Big Union!

IWW Historical Archives

International solidarity Commission

Tidslinjen 27. juni 1905 med links om IWW (Modkraft Biblioteket)

(YouTube.com, 1:53 hour; English speak + a bit Swedish)


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