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Against the Current

E. San Juan, Jr.: The limits of postcolonial criticism: the discourse of Edward Said (Issue 77, November-December 1998).
“The anti-Marxism of postcolonial theory may be attributed partly to Said’s eclecticism, his belief that American left criticism is marginal, and his distorted if not wholly false understanding of Marxism based on doctrinaire anticommunism and the model of ‘actually existing socialism’ during the Cold War.”

Chris Harman’s Back Pages 

Edward Said, post-colonialism and post-modernism (2 March 2009). “… many of those who pay homage to his book of some 20 years ago, Orientalism have become less so, and try to use it to justify their retreat from engagement with reality. My only regret was that Edward Said’ still does not fully recognise where his path logically leads …”


Alexander Cockburn: Edward Said, dead at 67: a mighty and passionate heart + Lenni Brenner: Edward Said: Palestine’s loss is America’s loss (September 25, 2003).

Dansk Palæstinensisk Venskabsforening

Mahmoud Issa: A word for Edward Said (27. september 2003).
Mahmoud Issa er medlem af bestyrelsen i Dansk Palæstinensisk Venskabsforening.

Dansk Sociologi

Tema: 30 år med Orientalism (årg.20, nr.3, oktober 2009, 147 sider).
Se artikel af redaktørerne Jakob Egholm Feldt og Morten Valbjørn: Den uafsluttede 30-årskrig (Information, 4. december 2009).
“Edward W. Saids bog ‘Orientalisme – vestlige forestillinger om Orienten’ har netop passeret sit 30-årsjubilæum. Men hvorfor er det stadig værd at beskæftige sig med en gammel bog, der ifølge mange kritikere er et rent makværk, som trækker et spor af ideologisk og teoretisk perversion gennem store dele af humaniora og socialvidenskab?”

The Electronic Intifada

Daniel Barenboim: Edward Said’s breadth of interest (26 September 2003).
The writer is conductor, pianist and director of the Deutsche Staatsoper, Berlin.

Nigel Parry: Permission to narrate: Edward Said, Palestine, and the Internet (25 September 2003).
Nigel Parry is one of the co-founders of The Electronic Intifada.

The Electronic Intifada

Ilan Pappe: Edward Said: a lighthouse that navigated us (September 25, 2003).
The writer is an Israeli advocate of Palestinian right and professor of history at Haifa University.

The Independent

Robert Fisk: Palestinian, intellectual, and fighter, Edward Said rails against Arafat and Sharon to his dying breath (September 26, 2003; online at


Prem Poddar: Edward Said in memoriam (2. oktober 2003).
Prem Poddar er lektor ved Institut for Engelsk Filologi, Aarhus Universitet.

Hans-Henrik Fafner: Den skarpe professor (26. september 2003).
“Den palæstinensiskfødte Edward Said lagde sin akademiske karriere i USA, men forblev livet igennem en kompromisløs forkæmper for den palæstinensiske sag.”

International Socialism

Irfan Habib: Critical notes on Edward Said (Issue 108, Autumn 2005, p. 129-136).
“… many take his writings, especially his early works /Orientalism/, as the standard reference point for examining the impact of imperialism on culture. One, central claim of the book is that all western scholarship dealing with Asia and North Africa (the orient) since the time of the Ancient Greeks, including the work of Marx, suffers from the same irredeemable, invalidating prejudice, ‘Orientalism’. But can this claim be justified? Irfan Habib argues not.”



Sadik Jalal al-‘Azm: Orientalism and Orientalism in reverse (Issue 8, 1981, p.5-26).
“Starting from a critique of Said’s methodology, the article then reverses the concept, and uses it to launch an attack on the ideology of ‘Orientalism in Reverse’ current among some Arab academics and left intellectuals …”

New Humanist

Dangerous mind? (Vol. 123, No. 6, November/December 2008).
“Stephen Howe chases the storm of controversy surrounding the ideas of Edward Said.”

New Left Review

Tariq Ali: Remembering Edward Said (Issue 24, November-December 2003).
“The physical and moral courage of a unique writer, and fighter – leading Arab intellectual, unconforming cultural theorist, champion of the Palestinian cause in the heartland of Israeli overseas power.”

Open Democracy

Judith Herrin: The man and his music (26.09.2003).
“Besides politics and literature Edward Said’s other great love was Western (”˜classical’) music. Here someone who knew him and heard him play reflects on the metaphorical power of music to symbolise the resolving of stubborn human difference.”

The Palestine Chronicle

Ahmed Amr: The piano man made it home: an ode to Edward Said (October 8, 2003; online at
“Let me take you back; To my dream last night; And you’ll know damn well; It was worth the fight; For we laughed out loud; About the harsh old days.”


Anders Jerichow: En stemme mindre (26. september 2003).
“Den palæstinensiske litteraturprofessor og kommentator Edward Said er død. »Spørg Edward Said«. Fast bemærkning i international kulturdebat, når den palæstinensiske tragedie kom på tale. Said vidste besked. Han havde svar på rede hånd. Hans vid var kolossalt. Hans tænding var kort. Hans pointe var klar. Men, indrømmet: lang i spyttet var han også.”

Radical Philosophy

Benita Parry: Edward Said, 1935–2003 (January/February 2004).
“The erudition, range and élan of Edward Said’s work as a literary scholar, cultural critic and politically engaged public intellectual have produced a mountain of commentary, within and beyond academic communities and across continents.”

Socialist Review

Edward Said: a culture of resistance (Issue 279, November 2003).
“John Rose pays tribute to a scholar who fought a lifelong war against imperialism”.

Chris Harman: Socialist Theory: The prophet armed (Issue 252, May 2001; online at Marxists Internet Archive).
“He has become more radical as the years have passed, no doubt in part because of what has been happening to his Palestinian homeland. Meanwhile many of those who pay homage to Orientalism, his book of some 20 years ago, have become less radical, and try to use it to justify their retreat from engagement with reality.”

Socialist Worker

Edward Said 1935-2003 (Issue 1871, 4 October 2003).
“Alex Callinicos in appreciation of a fighter for truth, justice and Palestine.”

Tapani Lausti’s Homepage

Edward Said (1935-2003)
“Articles and obituaries about Edward Said.”

Edward Said

Orientalism (book)

Workers Vanguard

Edward Said: Passionate advocate of Palestinian freedom, human dignity (pdf) (Issue 817, 9 January 2004, p.3 + 9; online at Marxists Internet Archive)
“We owe him a great debt and would do well to learn from both his weaknesses as well as his strengths.”



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