Against the Current

Ernie Haberkern: In memoriam – Hal Draper (nr.25, marts-april 1990, s.48-49)

Historical Materialism

Alan Johnson: Third Camp Socialism (nr.5, winter 1999, s.301-325). Anmelderartikel af Sean Matgamna (ed.): Lost texts of critical marxism (1998) + Ernest E. Haberkern/Arthur Lipow (eds.): Neither capitalism nor socialism (1996)

Alan Johnson: Hal Draper: a biographical sketch (nr.4, summer 1999, s.181-186)

International Socialism

Derek Howl: The legacy of Hal Draper (nr.52, efterår 1991, s.137-149)
“Theres is much in Draper’s book that can be discussed here … but whatever the criticisms, Draper was fighting to defend and enrich the politics of socialism from below, and retained his conviction that the revolutionary ideas of Marx and Engels provided the key to this.”
Anmelderartikel af Karl Marx’s theory of revolution, vol. 4.

Steve Wright: Hal Draper’s Marxism (nr.47, sommer 1990, s.157-189)
“It is certain that Hal Draper would have liked to be remebered for having helped build a succesful revolutionary party. Objective circumstances made this tremendously difficult. The books Draper has written on Marx’s ideas will long outlive him. They are vastly superior to the academic alternatives. But the exegesis contained in them cannot remain unflawd by the theoretical standpoint of the author.”

International Socialist Review

Joel Geier: Hal Draper’s contribution to revolutionary Marxism: Socialism from below (nr.107, vinter 2017-18, s.87-108)
“The aim of this essay is to introduce to the newly emerging socialist movement Draper’s central role as the Marxist navigator of late-twentieth-century American socialism, free of all the distortions of socialism from above.”

Tony Tracy: Hal Draper (1998)

Marxists Internet Archive

E. Haberkern: Introduction to Hal Draper (1998)

New Interventions

Sheila Cohen: Why we should recognise the unions: Marx and Engels’ position on trade unionism as exposed in the work of Hal Draper (årg.6, nr.1, feb. 1995, s.6-11; online at Internet Archive WayBackMachine)
“In the second volume of the massive multi-part work by the American trotskyist Hal Draper, Karl Marx’s theory of revolution, are hidden two chapters on the Marxist position on trade unionism which strike me as extremely significant for our understanding and assessment of this question.”

New Politics

The Third Camp in theory and practice: An interview with Joanne Landy and Thomas Harrison (12. august 2018). Originally published in Left History (årg.21, nr.2,  2017/18)
“As young radicals, Landy and Harrison gravitated to the ‘third camp’ wing of the organized left.” About Hal Draper, scroll down to the section “The Independent Socialist Club”.

Alan Johnson: ‘Neither Washington nor Moscow’: the third camp as history and a living legacy (nr.27, summer 1999, årg.7, nr.3, s. 135-165)
“The purposes of this essay are twofold. First, to reconstruct the birth of Third Camp socialism in the split with Trotsky over the question of Russia’s wars in Finland and Poland in 1939-40 … Second, the essay will explore the meaning of the Third Camp in today’s post-Communist world …”

Arthur Lipow: Hal Draper: a tribute (nr.9, sommer 1990, s.126-28)

Reds – Die Roten

Milton Fisk: Socialism from below in the United States: the origins of the International Socialist Organization (1977)
Publikationen har kapitler om The Workers’ Party fra 1930erne til The Independent Socialist Clubs i 1960erne.

Socialist Party of America

Hal Draper: American socialist, activist and author. With “Selected readings from Hal Draper”.

Brian Bean: Critical thoughts about Hal Draper’s “Micro-sect” (29. marts 2019)
“The crisis in the ISO has generated a lot of interest in various writings about the challenges of building small revolutionary organizations … Here, Brian Bean offers a critical appraisal of Draper’s contributions to this debate.”

What Next?

Ian Birchall: Hal Draper and the International Socialists (nr.11, 1998; online at Internet Archive WayBackMachine)
“Hal Draper’s document, ‘Toward a New Beginning’ (What Next? No.10) is an important and interesting historical text. Although I, for one, disagree with it quite radically, I welcome its inclusion in the journal.”

Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Hal Draper

Workers Liberty

Sean Matgamna: Hal Draper and Israel (nr.50-51, okt.-nov. 1998, s.50-56)
“Sean Matgamna, responding to Alan Johnson’s article in WL49, argues that Hal Draper’s writings on Israel included misleading ambiguities.”

Alan Johnson: The ‘other Trotskyists’ and Palestine (nr.49, sept. 1998, s.25-30)
“An in-depth survey of the views of the ‘third camp’ American socialist Hal Draper on Israel/Palestine from the late 1940’s to his death in 1990.”


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