Bil i brand i Grande rue de Sèvres (92) den 3. november 2005 under optøjerne fra 2005. Own work Author A.J. (CC BY-SA 3.0)
Bil i brand i Grande rue de Sèvres (92) den 3. november 2005 under optøjerne fra 2005. Own work Author A.J. (CC BY-SA 3.0)
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To uger efter de natlige optøjer startede i én parisisk forstand, har de spredt sig ud over hele Frankrig og udviklet sig til et oprør, der har afsløret et had og en utålmodighed med undertrykkelsen fra ordensmagten, i boligpolitikken, på arbejdsmarkedet og i samfundet generelt.
Vi har samlet en række reportager og kommentarer fra dansk- og engelsksprogede progressive medier (inkl. de franske, der er oversatte til engelsk).
Forslag til link til artikler er velkomne.

Jørgen Lund & Bjarne A. Frandsen
12. november 2005

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Tidslinjen: 8. december 2018, om De gule veste-demonstrationer i Frankrig

Remains of burnt car (Renault 19) during French riots 13 November 2005. Source:Flickr. Photo: Alain Bachellier. (CC BY-SA 2.0)
Remains of burnt car (Renault 19) during French riots 13 November 2005. Source: Flickr. Photo: Alain Bachellier. (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Against the Current
Yves Coleman: Dancing with the wolves: the French riots (nr.120, jan.-feb. 2006)
“In French suburban slang, to ‘dance with the wolves’ means to provoke the cops, make them run and, obviously, to escape without being arrested. The unfortunate reality is much less romantic. The three weeks of recent riots may be seen as a long overdue political response to the profound racism of French society; but in this writer’s view this uprising is more an index of desperation of French youth, of all national origins, than the beginning of a new political movement.”

Diana Johnstone: Rage in Banliene: Paris is burning (9. nov. 2005)
“The furious youth in the French suburban housing blocks known as the banlieue are expressing themselves by setting cars on fire. And not only cars: schools, creches, sports centers. So far, they are not using words, at least not audibly. So everyone else is free to speak for them, or against them, and offer his or her verbal interpretation of what these actions mean, or should mean.”
Paris in Flames: a sign of France’s failure to deliver liberty, equality and fraternity to all its citizens (8. nov. 2005)
“An interview with Behzad Yaghamaian – author of the book Embrazing the Infidel about migrants from Africa, the Middle East, and Central Asia to Europe. The book details the tragedies and the joys of individuals and families as they make their way to Europe in the hope of finding some kind of happines.”

Doug Ireland: Why is France burning?: The rebellion of a lost generation (6. nov. 2005)
“As someone who lived in France for nearly a decade, and who has visited those suburban ghettos, where the violence started, on reporting trips any number of times, I have not been surprised by this tsunami of inchoate youth rebellion that is engulfing France. It is the result of thirty years of government neglect.”

Proletariatet vender tilbage (nr.51, vinter 2005)
“Ifølge den russiske sociolog Boris Kagarlitsky var det ikke islamister som stod bag optøjerne i Paris. Der var tværtimod tale om unge som er dømt til arbejdsløshed, lavtlønsjob og marginalisering, og som er helt uden loyalitet og respekt i forhold til staten og lovgivningen.”
Vrede uden retning (nr.51, vinter 2005)
“De undertrykte unge i forstæderne har et kæmpe oprørspotentiale, men kan dette bruges til andet end at smadre naboens biler? Hvordan ser oprøret i de franske forstæder ud for en fransk venstrefløjsaktist? Interview med Sylvain Pattieu.”

International Socialism
Jim Wolfreys: France in revolt: 1995-2005 (nr.109, winter 2006, s.3-20)
“Riots on an unprecedented scale have been the latest upsurge in a decade of massive but intermittent social struggles in France. Jim Wolfreys looks at the decade and suggests political conclusions.”
Abdellali Hajjat: The riots did not take place in a ‘political desert’ (nr.109, winter 2006, s.21-29)
“The causes of this popular fury are social and political, not ethnic or religious. It is not a question of some ‘failure to integrate’, a meaningless phrase these days, in that there is a dangerous tendency to privilege culturalist explanations (if they don’t integrate, it’s because of their ‘cultural difference’).”

International Viewpoint
Murray Smith: Faced with widespread revolt, government declars state of emergency (nr. 372, nov. 2005)
” … when the dust has settled, the French Left will have to develop an ongoing presence in the neighbourhoods where the revolt exploded, and from which it has been all too absent in recent years.”
No to the state of emergency – defy the curfew (nr. 372, nov. 2005)
“… we are reproducing three documents issued on 8 November; a national leaflet of the LCR (French section of the Fourth International); a joint statement by left and democratic organisations; and a press statement by LCR spokesperson Olivier Besancenot.”

Kritisk Debat
Doug Ireland: Hvorfor brænder Frankrig? (nov. 2005)
“De seneste ugers uroligheder i forstæderne til de største franske byer bunder i en forfejlet socialpolitik, der ikke i tide har bekæmpet de problemer, en generation af unge efterkommere af indvandrere nu står over for … Det politiske ansvar skal placeres såvel hos de tidligere socialistiske regeringer som hos den nuværende borgerlige.”

Ligue Communiste Revolutionnaire (LCR)
Fransk venstrefløjsite på engelsk i Google-oversættelse.

Middle East Report Online
Paul Silverstein and Chantal Tetreault: Urban Violence in France (nov. 2005)
“… the French state’s prolonged treatment of a segment of its own citizenry as racially suspect and intrinsically prone to violence – as potential enemies within – has proven to be a self-fulfilling prophecy.”

Birthe Pedersen: Macho-kulturen i de franske forstæder (16. feb. 2006)
“Pigerne i de franske ghettoer vakler mellem klassesolidaritet og afstandtagen til drengene.”
Martin Lindblom: Frankrig i undtagelsestilstand (10. nov. 2005)
“På trods af de massive ødelæggelser viser mange i forstæderne forståelse for de unges voldelige protester, og på de europæiske markeder stiger bekymringen for, at oprøret skal brede sig til andre lande.”
Med flere link i bunden af artiklen.

Le Monde Diplomatique
Dominique Vidal: The fight against urban apartheid (dec. 2005)
The French government has used the recent unrest as an excuse to tighten up on law and order. It has handed down prison sentences to hundreds of youngsters, announced the deportation of several foreign nationals and pushed a three-month extension of the state of emergency through parliament.”

Monthly Review
Rémy Herrera: Three moments of the French revolt (vol.58, nr.2, juni 2006)
“In quick succession in May and October–November 2005 and in April 2006, French society experienced three moments of what is clearly a major revolt against neoliberalism. To understand these new class struggles in France and where they might lead it is necessary to view these three moments of revolt together as part of a single dialectical movement – full of contradictions and hidden potentials.”

Red Pepper
Naima Bouteldja: Paris is burning (9. nov. 2005)
“The riots in Paris and across France have been ignited by decades of inequality, police racism and impunity.”

Socialist Review
France: roots of the revolt (nr.302, dec. 2005)
“Peter Fysh argues the French riots had both political and economic causes.”

Socialist Worker [UK] Do riots achieve anything? (nr. 1977, 19. nov. 2005)
“As France reels Anindya Bhattacharyya examines the consequences of previous uprisings.”
France : an uprising of the poor (nr. 1977, 19. nov. 2005)
“Why France is in revolt, by Jim Wolfreys with photographs by Jess Hurd.”
Links nederst på siden til 5 andre artikler.
France: rage of the poor (nr. 1976, 12. nov. 2005)
“Simon Assaf reports from Paris as days of rioting have engulfed French cities.”
Link nederst på siden til 2 andre artikler.

Socialist Worker [US] The velvet glove over an iron fist (nr. 566, 18. nov. 2005)
“France’s right-wingers crack down on youth rebellion. Lee Sustar reports on the situation in France following weeks of rioting against racism.”
A revolt against racism (nr. 565, 11. nov. 2005)
“John Mullen, a member of the Ligue Communiste Revolutionnaire (LCR) and editor of the journal Socialisme International, reports from Paris on the revolt against racism that led to ongoing nights of rioting. Sherry Wolf, an editorial member of the International Socialist Review, contributed to this report.”

Socialistisk Arbejderavis
Optøjerne i Frankrig : optøjer er de overhørtes stemme (nr.249, 25. nov. 2005)
“‘Optøjer er de overhørtes stemme’, sagde Martin Luther King i forbindelse med optøjerne i de amerikanske byer i 1960’erne. Optøjerne er ikke et resultat af religiøse eller kulturelle forskelle, de skyldes først og fremmest fattigdom.”

Socialistisk Standpunkt
Frederik Ohsten: Urolighederne i Frankrig viser socialt kollaps (15. nov. 2005)
“Det er imidlertid ikke kun i forstæderne, den franske overklasse er i miskredit. Frankrig er præget af en dyb mistro til hele det politiske system, til kapitalismen, hvilket nej’et til EU-forfatningen og de seneste strejkebevægelser også viser.”
Greg Oxley: Oprøret i de franske forstæder (8. nov. 2005)
“Fra kommunisters og fagligt aktives synspunkt kan der være mange ting at indvende mod de metoder, de unge bruger. Det er ikke arbejderbevægelsens metoder. De skyder forbi målet. Vi kan ikke bifalde ødelæggelsen af skoler, sundhedsklinikker, forretninger eller biler … (men) hvis vi skal vælge mellem disse modige, kampvillige og beslutsomme oprørske unge … og de hærdede repræsentanter for kapitalismen … har vi ikke svært ved at vælge, hvor vi står.”

Transnational Institute
Issues: French Riots: the revolt of the French underclass
“The anger that burst onto the streets of France over the past two weeks has focused world attention on the deep divisions in French society, the growing disparities in wealth and opportunity, the lack of political representation of ethnic minorities and the acute sense of discrimination felt by those of Arab and North African descent.”

Weekly Worker
Party discipline no longer works (nr. 601, 17. nov. 2005)
“Elisabeth Gauthier is a member of the executive committee of the Parti Communiste Français. She spoke to Tina Becker about the recent riots in France.”
State emergency against youth revolt (nr. 600, 10. nov. 2005)
“While France explodes, the left pontificates. Peter Manson exposes the narrow-mindedness of economism.”
What the French left says (nr. 600, 10. nov. 2005)
“We take a look at the comments of the most important organisations on the French left.”

Wikipedia: The Free Encyclopedia
2005 civil unrest in France (updated).
Contents: 1: Triggering event – 3: Timeline – 4: Assessment of rioting – 4.1: Summary statistics – 4.2: Figures and tables – 4.3: List of areas affected – 4.4: Spread to other countries – … 6: References – 7: See also etc.

World Socialist Web Site
News & Analysis: France

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