Richard N Wright
Richard N Wright
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Afro-amerikansk forfatter, fødes 4. september 1908 i Plantation, Roxie, Mississippi, USA. (Dør 28. november 1960 i Paris). Hovedværk er romanen Native Son (1940; dansk 1942: Søn af de Sorte. Ved Tom Kristensen).
Bidrog også til den anti-kommunistiske antologi The God That Failed, 1949 (se Wright side 115-164).


Richard Wright (author) (

Tema: The Richard Wright Connection (The C.L.R. James Institute; online at Internet Archive WayBackMachine). Articles about Richard Wright.


Richard Wright and Stalinism. By Dan Katz (Solidarity & Workers’ Liberty, Issue 497, 26 February 2019)
“Richard Wright′s relationship with the Communist Party is — apparently — described in a twenty page essay which is contained in the book The God That Failed (1950).”

On Richard Wright’s centennial: The great outsider. By Alan Wald (Against the Current, No.138, January-February 2009)
“A driven, occasionally ham-fisted author and controversial Left-wing activist, Wright was principally fascinated by the psychology of oppressed people.”

Richard Wright: ‘Using words as a weapon’. By Annie Zirin (International Socialist Review, Issue 14, October-November 2000)
“Richard Wright belonged to a generation of American artists whose work and political views were profoundly influenced by the experience of the Great Depression and the magnificent working-class battles of that era. Wright’s novels and essays cut to the heart of a racist society in unflinching and powerful language.”


Den afroamerikanske underklasses lidelser – Richard Wrights Søn af de sorte. Af Martin Laurberg (, 2. januar 2007)
” Denne dobbelthed mellem tragisk socialrealisme og litterær propaganda er gennemgående i den afroamerikanske forfatter Richard Wrights deprimerende klassiker Søn af de sorte fra 1940.”

Onkel Toms Børn. Af Pernille Høiris Pedersen (Socialistisk Arbejderavis, nr. 263, 6. december 2006)
“Uden at ryste på hånden, og uden glorificering eller patos, beretter Wright om de sortes kår i sydstaterne i 1930’ernes USA under racisme, adskillelse og undertrykkelse.”

Classic read: Native Son. By Richard Bradbury (Socialist Review, Issue 370, June 2012)
“Richard Wright had every good reason to be angry. He grew up in the US Deep South in the 1920s and 1930s, when segregation and systematic violence towards African-Americans were at their height.”

Native Son and Revolution. By J.R. Johnson [i.e. C.L.R. James] (New International, Vol.6, No.4, May 1940)
“In our age literature, especially literature of this kind, cannot be divorced from politics. Wright is a Stalinist. In this novel a scrupulous artistic integrity enables him to draw white Communists, if not with the same success as Negroes, yet without bias or subservience to the Stalinist conception of the party and the party ‘line’.”

The voice of Richard Wright. By James M. Fenwick (The New International, Vol.7, No.10, November 1941). Review of Richard Wright, Bright and Morning Star (International Publishers, 1941, 48 p.)

Bøger på dansk af Richard Wright

Søn af de sorte [Native son]. Oversat af Tom Kristensen (Gyldendal, 1942, 398 sider)

Sort ungdom [Black boy]. Oversat af Tom Kristensen (Gyldendalske Boghandel/Nordisk Forlag, 1946, 257 sider)

Vidnet [The outsider]. Oversat af Elsa Gress (Gyldendal, 1954, 395 sider)

Onkel Toms børn [Uncle Tom’s children]. Oversat af Kurt Kreutzfeld (Gyldendal, 1957, 246 sider)

Den lange drøm [The long dream]. Oversat af Kurt Kreutzfeld (Gyldendal, 1959, 339 sider)

Nuancer i sort [Eight men]. Oversat af Jørgen Årup Hansen (Spektrum, 1961, 253 sider)

Glad dag i Chicago [Lawd today]. Oversat af Knud Müller (Gyldendal, 1965, 243 sider)

Vidner. På dansk ved Elsa Gress (Gyldendal, 1966, 417 sider)

Sort sult [American hunger]. På dansk ved Kurt Kreutzfeld (Gyldendal, 1978, 187 sider)



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