Against the Current

Terry Eagleton: The God question (No.136, September/October 2008)
“Why has my local bookshop suddenly sprouted a section labeled ‘Atheism’? Why, just as we were apparently moving into a post-metaphysical, post-ideological, even post-historical era, is theology breaking out all over the place? Can we put it all down to fanatical Islamists and falling towers?”


Chris Hedges: The dangerous Atheism of Christopher Hitchens and Sam Harris (March 22, 2008)
“From demonizing Muslims to believing we can use science for our own moral advancement, the New Atheists preach a dangerous faith.”

Danmarks Radio

Tema: Ateisterne
“Fra at være ‘dem der ikke tror på noget religiøst og bare passer sig selv’ er ateister i stigende grad begyndt at ytre deres holdninger med blandt andet videnskaben i hånden. Retorikken er blevet skarpere og det samme er budskabet: Det er vanvittigt at tro på en Gud. I dette tema fremhæves bl.a. Sam Harris, Daniel Dennett og Richard Dawkins.”

Erik Tunstad: Ateistene slår tilbake (1 nov 2006)
“Hvorfor er vi religiøse? Representerer religiøs tro noen biologisk fordel for de troende, eller er troen mer å regne som et tilfeldig og kanskje til og med skadelig biprodukt av noe annet, og langt mer nyttig?”


Beyond Belief – a new approach to Atheism (Vol. 2, Issue 6, March 2008)
“With debate about religion seldom out of the headlines Nick McKerrell asks if it is time for atheists to stand up and be counted.”

In Defence of Marxism

Religion and secularism. By John Pickard (27 April 2011)
“As the twenty-first century progresses, there has been an increasing interest and not a small amount of debate on the role of religion in society and particularly on advances in secularisation.”

International Socialism

John Molyneux: More than opium: Marxism and religion (Issue 119, Summer 2008, p.51-73)
“Two vehemently anti-religious books have found their way into the bestsellers list – one by the ‘selfish gene’ biologist Richard Dawkins, the other by Christopher Hitchens, the one-time socialist who is now a fervent supporter of imperialist war. In a major article, John Molyneux shows how distant their attitude to religion is from that of the Marxist tradition.”


Jacobin: A Magazine of Culture and Polemic

Luke Savage: New Atheism, old empire (February 12, 2014)
“The ‘New Atheists’ have gained traction because they give intellectual cover to Western imperialism.”


Christiane Jordheim Larsen: Nyateistisk vekkelse (11. januar, 2007)
“Er du ‘bright’? Den nyateistiske bevegelsen ser til homobevegelsen for inspirasjon. De vil ha deg ut av skapet.”

Kristeligt Dagblad

Tema: Religionskritik

The Nation

Ronald Aronson: The new Atheists (June 25, 2007)
“The great success of the New Atheists is to have reached them, both speaking to and for them. These writers are devoted, with sledgehammer force and angry urgency, to ‘breaking the spell’ cast by the religious ascendancy … This does not make for restraint. Harris displays brash self-confidence, Hitchens and Dawkins angry intellectual bite and Dennett an inexhaustible theoretical energy and range of inquiry.”

The New York Review of Books

H. Allen Orr: A mission to convert (Vol.54, No.1, January 11, 2007)
“During the last year, a number of popular books on religion by scientists or philosophers of science have appeared. Daniel Dennett kicked things off with his Breaking the Spell (2006), an investigation into the possibility of a science of religion. Reviewing evolutionary, psychological, and economic theories of the origin and spread of belief, Dennett covered much ground but reached few conclusions. In the last few months, three prominent scientists – all biologists – have published their own books on belief. Richard Dawkins, has given us The God Delusion, an extended polemic against faith, which will be considered at length below.”


Jens Lenler: Ateisterne angriber (24. december 2007)
“Internationale bestsellere og prominente ateister kræver fornuften tilbage og angriber de troende. Også Danmark har fået to ateistiske talerør.”

Permanent Revolution

Richard Belkin: The anti-god squad (Issue 5, Summer 2007)
“… a fair-sized cottage industry has recently developed with the publication of a range of books, three of which are reviewed here … They do more to reassure us atheists about the correctness of our ideas than they do to meet their supposed goals. Nevertheless in times where religion is attempting a resurgence such self-justification is still important in ensuring that we do not shy away from challenging the foolishness of the religious.”

Socialist Review

The threat to reason. Book review by Neil Davidson (July/August 2007)
“The Enlightenment tradition is under attack – at least if a series of recent books are to be believed … Dan Hind convincingly shows … that under the cover of attacks on religion in general the greatest bile is invariably reserved for Islam.”


Gary Wolf: The church of the non-believers (Issue 14.11, Nov. 2006)
“A band of intellectual brothers is mounting a crusade against belief in God. Are they winning converts, or merely preaching to the choir?”


A.J. Chien: The new Atheism (September 10, 2007)
“… a string of books critical of religion have become modest bestsellers in recent years … How could this happen in a country where upward of 80% majorities assert belief in God, Christ, and miracles?”

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