Arab Gateway

Arab-Islamic History
Med afsnit om The birth of Islam, Islamic expansion, The early Caliphate, Islam in Europe, The Crusaders, Turks and the Ottomans, Aspects of imperialism.

Institute for the Secularisation of Islamic Society (ISIS)
Selv om sitet også anbefales på en del højrefløjssites, så er det faktisk et besøg værd. Sitet er kritisk over for islam både som religion og politik, og skrives og redigeres af ex-muslimske dissidenter (bl.a. Ibn Warraq og Anwar Shaikh). Though this site is appriciated by right wingers, it is worth a visit. The site is critical towards religious and political islam, and among writers and editors are ex-muslim dissidents (as Ibn Warrag and Anwar Shaikh)
Sektions: News and reviews – Islam and the law – Islamic skepticism – Research reports – Links.

Internet Islamic History Sourcebooks
En omfattende site om islam historisk set. Her er også et længere uddrag fra Maxime Rodinsons bog om Muhammad (Pantheon Books, 1980).( An extract of Rodinson’s book on Muhammad on this comprehensive site on islam as a historical phenomenon.

The Koran
The whole Koran online in English, with Search.

Middle East Left Forum (formerly Iran Bulletin)
“Iran Bulletin began publication in 1993. The magazine focuses on issues of Iran and the Middle East from a democratic, secular and socialist perspective. It aims to act as a forum for discussions and debates on political, social and economic issues of the area from these perspectives”.
Sitet har en række emneinddelte artikler, bla. Islamism and terrorism.

Le Monde Diplomatique
Incl. articles covering recent developments in most Arabic countries. Search terms like ‘islamism’, ‘islamic fundamentalism’, ‘political islam’.


Debate: 9/11: Islamic Worlds
“The assault on the US was conducted in the name of Islam. This discussion is of the politics and history of fundamentalism, fanaticism, and Muslim minorities living in the west.”

Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA)
“RAWA was established in Kabul, Afghanistan, in 1977 as an independent political/social organization of Afghan women fighting for human rights and for social justice in Afghanistan … Since the overthrow of the Soviet-installed puppet regime in 1992 the focus of RAWA’s political struggles has been against the fundamentalist’ and the ultra-fundamentalist Taliban’s incredibly ultra-male-chauvinistic and anti-women orientation in particular”.

Skeptic’s Annotated Quran
“Provides skeptical indexes and commentary to various passages of the Quran.”

The Struggle Site

Islam and the ‘war on terror’
“Articles on Islam and link to information sources.”


Workers Liberty

Religion & politics: Islamism

See also section: Articles in English

See also links:

Linkbox: Osama bin Laden & al-Qaeda

Linkbox: Oprøret i Iran 2009

Linkbox: Iran 1979

Emneliste: 9/11: Imperialisme og terror efter 11. september /Imperialism and terrorism after 9711 + Terrorism & Marxism + Conspiracy and 9/11.

Emneliste: Afghanistan – krig og besættelse/War and Occupation (Russian & Western)

Emneliste: Socialister om religion/Socialists on religion

Emneliste: Muhammed-tegningerne/The Muhammad Cartoons



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