Stonewall Inn, that was the goal for the police razzia i 1969 making the place the birthplace of the modern gay-rights movement, festooned with gay-pride banners and flags the weekend after Gay Pride Day 30 June 2012. Photo: Daniel Case. Source: Wikimedia Commons.
Stonewall Inn, that was the goal for the police razzia i 1969 making the place the birthplace of the modern gay-rights movement, festooned with gay-pride banners and flags the weekend after Gay Pride Day 30 June 2012. Photo: Daniel Case. Source: Wikimedia Commons.
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Linkbox om begivenhederne på Christopher Street’s Stonewall Inn i Greenwich Village, New York, hvor modstand og opstand betegner den nye bøssebevægelses fødsel.

Socialistisk Bibliotek, marts 2009. Rev. juni 2019.

Stonewall demo
Stonewall demo

New York-politiets fredagsrazzia i Christopher Street’s Stonewall Inn i Greenwich Village, New York City, den 28. juni 1969 fra kl. 1:30 om natten fører til modstand og opstand, der betegnes som den nye bøssebevægelses fødsel.


President Obama & the first lady hold LGBT pride reception (YouTube, 18:25 min.). 40 years of Stonewall in the east room of the White House on June 29, 2009. [NB With the interruption by duck ringtone 4:15…]

Stonewall riots
Stonewall riots

Stonewall Veterans’ Association (site) Photo Album Songs, Educational Resources

The Stonewall riot and its aftermath (Stonewall and Beyond: Lesbian and Gay Culture). Clippings from the local New York City press reporting the ‘melee’ in 1969, along with firsthand accounts published in later years about that night.


Lektionerne fra Stonewall: 50 år senere. Af Laurie O’Connel (Revolution, 4. oktober 2019). “Imidlertid var bevægelsen fra sin begyndelse sønderrevet med interne konflikter. Stonewall-optøjerne, og hvad der fulgte dem, indeholder mange erfaringer for LGBT-bevægelsen i dag.”

”We are the Stonewall Girls”. Af Anna Wolf (Socialistisk Arbejdervis, nr. 374, august 2019). “Meget tidligt en morgen for 50 år siden brød optøjer ud ved det billige, mafia-ejede værtshus, Stonewall Inn, i Christopher Street i New York City.” Historien om gay liberation, ungdomsoprør og identitetspolitik & arbejderbevægelsen.

Pride: Fra protest & modstand til kommerciel folkefest (Autonom Infoservice, 16. august 2019). Om Stonewall, LGBTIQA+-bevægelsesaktivisme og priden i DK.

 Transerne gør oprør!1969stonewallsign.jpg Af Elizabeth Japsen og Lotte Knold (, 22. juli 2009). Inteview med Roy McCarthy: “Øjenvidneberetning og tilbageblik på Stonewall Riots, der i disse dage fejrer 40 års jubilæum.”

Stonewall 50 (Counterfire, July 1, 2019). “Marking the half-centenary of the Stonewall riots, Morgan Daniels looks at the history of the Stonewall Inn and what it means for radical queer politics everywhere.”

The lessons of Stonewall: 50 years on. By Laurie O’Connel (In Defence of Marxism, 28 June 2019). “… the riots marked a shift amongst LGBT people away from individualised, small-scale activism and towards mass protest and demonstrations.”

50 years after Stonewall: revive LGBTQ radicalism! (In Defence of Marxism, 27 June 2019). “This courageous act transformed the movement and led to thousands of LGBTQ people coming ‘out of the closet, into the streets!’ It is important to revisit these events and draw the main lessons for today.”

Stonewall: 50 years on (Rebel: The New Socialist Website, June 26, 2019). “The Stonewall Rebellion marked the beginning of the modern LGBTQ movement. Keegan O’Brien—a gay socialist activist in Brooklyn, New York—takes a look back at this extraordinary event, and the political lessons for the movement today.”

Remember Stonewall was a riot. By Tomáš Tengely-Evans (Socialist Worker, Issue 2660, 24 June 2019). “The Stonewall Riots started a movement for gay liberation. Attacks on LGBT+ people show that five decades later we still need its militancy.”

Why Stonewall matters today. By Andy Thayer (Jacobin, 22 June 2019). “Stonewall wasn’t just an uprising for LGBT rights — it was also part of a broader movement that fought racism, war, and poverty. To go beyond today’s tepid gay activism, we need to remember its anti-capitalism.”

Stonewall and the early days. By Ian Townson (Solidarity & Workers’ Liberty, Issue 511, 20 June 2019). “The ‘Stonewall riots’, which began on 28 June 1969 in New York, marked the start of the modern lesbian and gay rights movement.”

The real history of an uprising (, October 6, 2015). “Reviews of the movie Stonewall have been negative, but the Hollywood film does offer a chance to talk about the real history of LGBT resistance, says Keegan O’Brien.”

Let’s finish the fight for LGBT liberation that the Stonewall riots kickstarted (Socialist Worker, Issue 2440, 10 February 2015). “The Stonewall Riots of 1969 heralded the birth of the fight for LGBT liberation in the US and Britain says Ellie May.”

Pride 40 years after Stonewall (, June 30, 2009). “Nicole Colson rounds up reports from around the country on the political dimension of this year’s lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Pride celebrations.”

Stonewall: a dream deferred. By Hannah Dee (Socialist Worker, Issue 2158, 4 July 2009). “This week we celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Stonewall riots – three days of revolt led by gay men, lesbians and transvestites, which led to the founding of the gay liberation movement.”

Stonewall: The birth of gay power (International Socialist Review, Issue 63, January-February 2009). An excerpt from Sherry Wolf’s book, Sexuality and Socialism (Haymarket Books, 2009). “The Stonewall Riots that began in the wee hours of June 28, 1969, lasted six nights and catapulted the issue of sexual liberation out of the Dark Ages and into a new era.”

The 1969 Stonewall rebellion and lessons for today: Birth of the mass LGBT movement. By Preston Wood (Liberation, June 2005). “The Stonewall rebellion marked a qualitative change in the struggle for justice for LGBT people.”

The Stonewall riots – 1969. By Lionel Wright (Socialism Today, Issue 40, July-August 1999). Developing sub-culture – Renewed repression – The birth of gay rights – The rise of gay activism.

Stonewall Revisited. By Eric Marcus (Independent Gay Forum, November 30, 1999; online at Internet Archive). “As we honor the twenty-fifth anniversary of the Stonewall riot, there is no harm in celebrating what actually happened at the Stonewall Inn.”

Stonewall: Get A Grip. By Paul Varnell (Independent Gay Forum, 10 June 1999; online at Internet Archive). “… focusing on ‘Stonewall’ as some sort of beginning or defining moment for the gay movement is deeply misleading.”

Come together or stay apart? (Socialist Review, Issue 176, June 1994; online at Marxists Internet Archive). “The movement for gay liberation started at a bar in New York when lesbians and gays fought back against police harassment. Kevin Ovenden traces the developments since, and argues that ‘identity politics’ are not enough to fight sexual oppression.”

Where were the Stones in “Stonewall 25”? By Tom Williamson (News & Letters, Vol.69, No.6, July 1994; online at Marxists Internet Archive). “What is happening? Where is the philosophy of revolution?”

Twenty years since Stonewall: Gays and lesbians step up fight. By Brad Judd (Socialist Action, Vol.7, No.6, June 1989, p.5; online at Marxists Internet Archive). “… the momenturm for change -started 20 years ago at Stonewall – has not been reversed, but is gaining ground.”

 Billede: Stonewall Inn efter opstanden i 1969
Billede: Stonewall Inn efter opstanden i 1969

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Tidslinjen 29. juni 1996 om Pride-paraden i København.

Kate Davis and David Heilbroner’s documentary feature “Stonewall Uprising” 2010 (1 hour, 8 min.) (

Artikel om filmen: Queerdocuments + film review: Stonewall Uprising (HuffPost, December 6, 2017)


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