Earlyer articles and background materials for the debate:

The Electronic Intifada

Watch the film the Israel lobby didn’t want you to see (2 November 2018)
“The Electronic Intifada has obtained a complete copy of The Lobby – USA, a four-part undercover investigation by Al Jazeera into Israel’s covert influence campaign in the United States.”

Israel Lobby Watch
“EI’s Israel Lobby Watch section offers news about the tactics of pro-Israel lobby organisations around the world, analysis of attempts to rewrite history with an Israeli narrative, international reactions to pressure, and the effect of the lobby’s work on domestic political life.”

Fateful Triangle: The United States, Israel & the Palestinians
By Noam Chomsky (London, Pluto Press, 1999, 578 p.)
See for this debate Chapter 2: The origins of the ‘Special Relationship’ (pdf) (p.48-94).

Foreign Policy in Focus

Stephen Zunes: The U.S. invasion of Iraq: not the fault of Israel and its supporters (January 4, 2006)
“The government of Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and its supporters here in the United States deserve blame for many tragic policies in recent years which have led to needless human suffering, increased extremism in the Islamic world, decreased security, and rampant violations of the UN Charter, international humanitarian law, and other international legal principles. The U.S. invasion of Iraq, however, is not one of them.”

Stephen Zunes: Why the U.S. supports Israel (May 2002)
“The continued high levels of U.S. aid to Israel comes not out of concern for Israel’s survival, but as a result of the U.S. desire for Israel to continue its political dominance of the Palestinians and its military dominance of the region.”


Vijay Prashad: The myth of the ‘Jewish lobby’ (Vol.20, Issue 20, Sept.-Oct. 2003)
“The power and influence of major U.S. Jewish organisations owe a lot to the convergence of their views with the neo-conservative elements who dominate the ruling coalition in Washington.”

International Socialist Review

Lance Selfa: Israel: The U.S. watchdog (Issue 4, Spring 1998)
“Almost five decades after Ha’aretz declared Israel the West’s ‘watchdog’, Israel still hasn’t been muzzled. The names of its enemies have changed from ‘communism’ and ‘Arab nationalism’ to ‘Islamic fundamentalism’, but the same dynamic holds. Israel remains the U.S.’s chief guarantor of stability in the Middle East.”

Israel: The hijack state: America’s watchdog in the Middle East
By John Rose (London, Socialist Workers Party, 1986, 62 p.)
“Israel is to become the watchdog. There is no fear that Israel will undertake any aggressive Policy towards the Arab states when this would explicitly contradict the wishes of the US and Britain. But if for any reasons the Western powers should sometimes prefer to close their eyes, Israel could be relied upon to punish one or several neighbouring states whose discourtesy to the West went beyond the bounds of the permissible.”

The James Petras Website

The Pro-Israel Lobby and US Middle East Policy: the score card for 2007 (May 13, 2007)
“Never in recent history has US Middle East policy been subject to such a barrage of conflicting pressures from erstwhile allies, clients as well as adversaries.”

Noam Chomsky and the pro-Israel Lobby: fourteen erroneous theses (June 4, 2006 )
“Yesterday the major Zionist organizations told us who we may or may not criticize in the Middle East, today they tell us who we may criticize in the United States, tomorrow they will tell us to bend our heads and submit to their lies and deceptions in order to engage in new wars of conquest at the service of a morally repugnant colonial regime.”

AIPAC on trial: them or US (September 1, 2006)
” In August 2004, the FBI and the US Justice Department counter-intelligence bureau announced that they were investigating a top Pentagon analyst suspected of spying for Israel and handing over highly confidential documents on US policy toward Iran to AIPAC which in turn handed them over to the Israeli Embassy.”
See also critical review of James Petras’ book The Power of Israel
in the United States
: Do Zionists run America? By Allen Ruff (Against the Current, No. 128, May/June 2007).

Left Curve

Jeffrey Blankfort: The Israel Lobby and the left: uneasy questions (No.27, 2003)
“Essential to his [Chomsky’s] analysis is the notion that every US administration since that of Eisenhower has attempted to advance Israel’s interests in line with America’s global and regional agenda. This is a far more complex issue than Chomsky leads us to believe. Knowledgeable insiders, both critical and supportive of Israel, have described in detail major conflicts that have taken place between US and Israeli administrations over the years in which Israel, thanks to the diligence of its domestic lobby, has usually prevailed.”
See also ibid.: Damage control: Noam Chomsky and the Israel-Palestine conflict (No.29, 2005)

Media Monitors

Edward Said: American Zionism – the real problem, 1-3 (2000)
“In my opinion, the role of organised Zionist groups and activities in the United States has not been sufficiently addressed … [the] US policy is in effect dominated, if not completely controlled, by a small minority of people whose views about Middle East peace are in some way more extreme than even those of the Israeli Likud.”

Middle East Report

Mitchell Plitnick: The cold realities of US Policy in Israel-Palestine (October 15, 2014)
“One should not, however, exaggerate the weight of the ‘Israel lobby’ in the making of US Middle East policy writ large. Policy is largely made and carried out by the executive branch, which is guided by geostrategic concerns that may or may not correspond to the concerns of the lobby at any given moment.”

Fact Sheets by Hanan Ashrawi:


Gilles d’Aymery: The Politics of Anti-Semitism. Part 2: Steoreotypes and other canards (May 10, 2004)
“This is not to underestimate the relative power of the Jewish lobby. AIPAC has a series of testimonials on its Web site, which indicate the strength of its relations with elected officials and policy makers. But its influence should not be overestimated either.”

Weekly Worker

Moshé Machover: End of a love affair? (Issue 1204, May 24, 2018)
“To understand the growing rift it is necessary to grasp how and why this relationship between Israel and US Jews – this ‘love affair’, as I call it – began.”

Moshé Machover: The dog and the tail (Issue 1077, 8 October 2015)
Review of Jeff Halper, War against the people: Israel, the Palestinians and global pacification (Pluto Press, 2015, p.352 p.): “Jeff Halper’s new book is a must-read, a major contribution to the subject. I cannot recommend it too highly.”

Moshé Machover: US imperialism and Israel’s role (Issue 1062, June 11, 2015)
“The ‘unsinkable aircraft carrier’ is central to the US military-industrial complex.”


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