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 Appendiks 1: On Capas photograph “Falling Soldier”

 Appendiks 2: Ken Loachs film Land and Freedom

 Appendiks 3: Andrés Nin & POUM

See also: Den spanske borgerkrig og revolution 1936-39
(Danish references)

Asociación de Amigos de las Brigadas Internacionales, AABI (Madrid)

Spansksproget site om de internationale brigader (for ikke spansk-kyndige, klik i venstre spalte for “Select Language”)

The Abraham Lincoln Brigade Archives (ALBA)
“Promotes international discussion on topics relating to the Spanish Civil War, the experience of the International Brigades, and the antifascist struggles of the 1920s and 1930s … Sponsored by the Veterans of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade (VALB) and the Abraham Lincoln Brigade Archives (ALBA)”.

Anarchy Archives

 The Spanish Civil War.

History (articles & sites) – Bibliography (printed & online pamphlets) – Buenaventura Durruti – Graphics (large photo collectons)

The International Brigade Memorial Trust (IBMT)
“Events – Newsletter – Memorials – Merchandise – Links – Education.
” [The site] was formed in 2002 … To educate the public in the history of the men and women who fought … in the Spanish Civil War. In particular, by preserving and cataloguing valuable historical material relating hereto and by making such material available to the public”.

International Institute of Social History (IISH)

 WWW Virtual Library Labour History: Special Topics:
Civil War

Mostly Spanish Civil War links, in English, Spanish & German.



 Spanish civil war.
“Articles about the Spanish Civil War and social revolution from 1936-1939 which was sparked by a military rising lead by right-wing General Franco.”

Marxists Internet Archive

 History of the Spanish Revolution, 1934-1939.
Writers, Documents, Organizations and Posters.

 The Trotsky Encyclopedia: Spanish Revolution / Spanish Trotskyism (from Revolutionary History, 1988-1992).

 Leon Trotsky: Collected writings on the Spanish Revolution 1931-1937. An Index to his Writings.

 Andrés Nin Internet Archive, 1892-1937.
Biography and Works.

Modern American Poetry: An Online Journal and Multimedia
Companion to Anthology of Modern American Poetry

 About the Spanish Civil War.
Articles, poems, essays, etc. by American and English poets.
Incl.: A Spanish Civil War photo Essay + Spansih (Spanish) Civil War Posters.


Spartacus Educational

 Spanish Civil War.
Main Events and Issues: Political Organizations – Military Organizations – Important Battles and Strategic Positions – Biographies: Spanish – Biographies: Foreign – Participants & Observers – International Leaders and the Civil War – Individual Countries and the Spanish Civil War.

 Spanish Civil War (Overview).

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