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Continued from Tony Cliff Bibliography by Ian Birchall

Socialist Review – series one (1950-1962)

Vol. 1, No. 1, November 1950
pp. 1-7: [R Tennant] : The Struggle of the Powers
Background to Korea, though not explicitly on war; stresses parallel mechanisms of US and Russian imperialism. Ends with slogan: ”˜Neither Washington nor Moscow, but International Socialism’.

Vol. 1, No. 2, January 1951
pp. 6-10: Stalinist Russia – The Facts: The Bureaucrats in Industry
Crushing of workers’ control; managers’ privileges. Said to be from a series of articles appearing in INFORMATION DIGEST, March, April, May 1949. I have been unable to locate a collection of Information Digest.

Vol. 1, No. 3, March 1951
pp. 9-13: Stalinist Russia – The Facts: Piece-work in Russia
End of collective agreements; piece-work and Stakhanovism. From INFORMATION DIGEST.

Vol. 1, No. 4, May 1951
pp. 12-13, 21: Stalinist Russia – The Facts: Punishment and Fines in the USSR
Labour discipline and numbers in concentration camps. From INFORMATION DIGEST.

Vol. 1, No. 6, November-December 1951
pp. 11-15 [C Tariq]: Britain and Egypt
Possibly by Cliff; cites Corey (whom Cliff had translated); statistics mainly 1938-44.

pp. 17-18, 25 [Roger Tennant]: The Tsarist Empire through Stalinist Eyes
Recent Russian sources give sympathetic account of Tsarist Empire.

pp. 19-21: Stalinist Russia – The Facts; Housing in Russia
Poor quality and overcrowding in Russian housing. From INFORMATION DIGEST.

Vol. 2, No. 6, December 1952-January 1953
pp. 7-8 [L Turov]: Yes-Men on Parade
19th Congress of Russian CP; social composition of party.

Vol. 3, No. 1, February-March 1953
pp. 5-7 [unsigned]: The Kremlin’s “Jewish Plot”
Style and approach suggest Cliff’s authorship. Growing anti-Semitism in Russia, its roots and limits.

Vol. 3, No. 2, May 1953
pp. 1-4 [L Turov: A Russian Socialist Asks – What Lies Behind Malenkov’s Moves?
Situation after Stalin’s death; Sino-Russian friction. No indication of source or why Turov has become ”˜Russian socialist’.

Vol. 3, No. 3. October 1953
pp. 8-10 [N. Turov: Recent Russian Developements [sic] Limits of Malenkov concessions; disappearance of Stalin leader-cult.

Vol. 3, No. 10, June 1954
pp. 5-6 [L Turov]: Russia’s War Budget
Russian arms spending shown to be higher than claimed by CPGB.

Vol. 4, No. 7, March 1955
pp. 1-2, 8 [unsigned]: The Fall of Malenkov
No real liberalisation under Khrushchev. Written in name of ”˜we the editors of Socialist Review’, claiming to have predicted post-Stalin developments in Russia, and quoting from L Turov piece in Vol. 3 No. 2.

Vol. 4., No. 9, May 1955
pp. 4-6 [L Turov]: Purges in China
Expulsion and suicide of Kao Kang

Vol. 5, No. 4, December 1955
[L Turov]: Who Controls Soviet Factories – Workers or a Boss Class?
Crushing of post-Revolutionary workers’ control; one-man management and powerless unions. Turov described as ”˜an expert on Soviet affairs’.

Vol. 5, No. 5, January 1956
pp. 6-7 [L Turov]: Examples of Russian imperialism.
Russian treatment of nationalities.

Vol. 5, No. 9, June 1956
pp. 6-7: Life in Russia.
Anecdotes from the Russian press

Vol. 6, No. 3, December 1956
pp. 3-4, 6: The Future of the Russian Empire: Reform or Revolution? [NWNM] [ASR1] Published by Labor Action (Independent Socialist League) in collaboration with Socialist Review; these pages printed in New York.

Vol. 6, No. 4, January 1957
p. 6: Plekhanov: The Father of Russian Marxism [ASR1] Commemorating centenary of Plekhanov’s birth.

Vol. 6, No. 5, February 1957
pp. 5-6: Forum
Lucio Libertini of Italian Unione Socialista Independente writes criticising section on Titoism in ”˜Future of the Russian Empire’ (Vol. 6, No. 3), arguing Russia is bureaucratic collectivist but Yugoslavia is in some ways progressive. Cliff responds arguing limits of workers’ control in Yugoslavia.

Vol. 6, No. 6, March 1957
pp. 3-4: Forum: The Nature of Modern Capitalism. One: State Capitalism [ASR1] A reply to critics (Ken Coates & John McLaren). Followed by sections on British and US capitalism by Seymour Papert and Gordon Haskell.

Vol. 6, No. 7, April 1957
pp. 5-6 Forum: Mao Tse-Tung and Stalinism [NWNM] [ASR1] Economic backwardness, arms burden, personality cult, etc.

Vol. 6, No. 8, May 1957
.pp. 5-6: Forum: Perspectives of the Permanent War Economy [NWNM] [ASR1] Effects of arms spending and prediction of crisis.

Vol. 6, No. 9 1957, June 1957
pp. 3-5: Forum: Probing into the Economic Roots of Reformism, Tony Cliff shows What Makes Right-Wing Labour Tick. [NWNM] [ASR1] Critique of Lenin on aristocracy of labour.

8th. Year, No. 11, June 1 1958
p.7: Background to the French Crisis [ASR1] De Gaulle’s return; failings of PCF and SFIO.

8th. Year, No. 13, July 1 1958
pp. 6-7: Background to Hungary [ASR1] Nagy murder, Titoism, rise of Khrushchev, Hundred Flowers.

8th. Year, No. 15, August 1958
pp. 7-8, 3: Background to the Middle East Crisis [ASR1] Oil as key; withdraw British troops from Jordan.

9th. Year, No. 2, Mid-January 1959
pp. 4-5: 40 Years to the Death of Rosa Luxemburg – Revolutionary Socialist.
First chapter of book [See section A]

9th. Year, No. 7, Mid-April 1959
p. 7: Letter
Response to article by John Rex, Welensky’s Racial Dictatorship (SR, 9th. year, No. 6, Easter 1959). Cliff challenges Rex’s suggestion of sending British troops to Nyasaland, arguing from Algerian experience that imperialist troops will side with settlers.

9th. Year, No. 9, Mid-May 1959
pp. 4-5: China: The Hundred Flowers Wilt [ASR1] Impact of Hungary in China

10th. Year, No. 3, March 1960
p.5: What was Behind Mac’s Africa Tour?
Political independence not synonymous with economic and social freedom.

10th. Year, No. 4, April 1960
p.3: International Notebook
Khrushchev and Asia, Germany, South Africa, USA.

10th. Year, No. 5, May 1960
pp. 4-5: International Notebook – Khrushchev, De Gaulle and Algeria
Various aspects of Algerian crisis.

10th. Year, No. 8, August 1960
p. 8 [M Turov]: The Russian Organisation Man
Review of D Granick, The Red Executive, Macmillan, 1960.

10th. Year, No 11, November 1960
p. 5: The Truth about Hiroshima
Japanese surrender offer before bomb used; CP attitudes.

11th. Year, No. 2, February 1961
pp. 4-5, 8: The Belgian General Strike [ASR1] Many passages identical to article in IS1 4, but several important differences, notably a section defending La Gauche and Mandel.

November 1961
pp. 4-6: The 22nd. Congress of the CPSU [ASR1] Economic roots of Sino-Soviet split.

December 1961
pp. 4-5: Why were Krupps not expropriated?
Bevin’s failure to nationalise; anti-German chauvinism in British labour movement.

January 1962
pp. 6-7: [unsigned] Pages from Khrushchev’s Biography
Style suggests Cliff.

April 1962
pp. 4-5: [unsigned] Algerians Betrayed
Response to reader’s enquiry for information on role of PCF and SFIO on Algeria. Style and content suggest Cliff.

11th. Year, No. 6, June 1961
pp. 1, 7: Stalinism not Dead
Russian law puts property before people.

International Socialism – series one

No 1 – no. 35: First section online: International Socialism, content by issue – (Summer 1958 – Winter 1968/69) Marxist Internet Archive; Encyclopedia of Trotskyism.

No 1: September 1958
pp. 19-56: Changes in Stalinist Russia: I Changes in the Management of Industry
Billed as first of a series of five articles on post-Stalin Russia.

Nos 2-3 were Cliff’s Rosa Luxemburg (see section A). The journal was then relaunched in 1960, beginning again with No 1.

No. 1: Spring 1960
pp. 20-28: [Ygael Gluckstein]: The Chinese People’s Communes
The ”˜Great Leap Forward’ and subsequent retreat.

No 2: Autumn 1960
pp. 14-16, 21-27: The Revolutionary Party and the Class or Trotsky on Substitutionism [NWNM] [W1] Veiled polemic against SLL-type organisation.

No 3: Winter 1960-1
p. 29: Ephemeral Flora
Review of R MacFarquhar (ed.), The Hundred Flowers (Stevens & Sons).

p. 30: [M Turov On the Line
Review of Giuseppe Boffa, Inside the Khrushchev Era (Allen & Unwin).

No. 4: Spring 1961
pp. 10-17: Belgium 2: Strike to Revolution [W1] Many sections similar to article in SR1 February 1961, but significant differences; see section C.

No 5: Summer 1961
pp. 28-29: Regrouping
Review of AA Berle, Power without Property (Sidgwick & Jackson).

p. 31: [M Turov] China
Review of Chao Kuo-chun, Agrarian Policy of the Chinese Communist Party (Asia Publishing House) & R Hughes, The Chinese Communes (Bodley Head).

No 6: Autumn 1961
p. 33: Bureaucracy
Review of E Strauss, The Ruling Servants (Allen & Unwin).

No 7: Winter 1961
p. 30: [M Turov] The Divide
Review of H Feis, Between War and Peace (OUP).

p. 31: Soviet Studies
Review of A Nove, The Soviet Economy (Allen & Unwin) & RV Daniels, The Conscience of the Revolution (OUP).

No 8: Spring 1962
pp. 18-22: The Decline of the Chinese Communes
Changes since Gluckstein article in IS 1.

No 9: Summer 1962isj10.jpg
pp. 4-14: The Labour Party in Perspective W1] [[online] Argument for entrism in 1960s conditions.

p. 31: Sovietology
Review of Soviet Affairs No. 3 (Chatto and Windus).

pp. 31-2: Peron
Review of G Pendle, Argentine (OUP).

No 11: Winter 1962-3
p. 28: Kremlinology
Reviews of R Conquest, The Lost Empire (Ampersand) & W Leonhard, The Kremlin since Stalin (OUP).

No 12: Spring 1963
pp. 15-22: Permanent Revolution
Theory of ”˜Deflected permanent revolution’.

No 14: Autumn 1963
pp. 3-16, 24: China-Russia: The Monolith Cracks
Sino-Soviet split.

No 15: Winter 1963isj15.jpg
pp. 10-20: The End of the Road: Deutscher’s Capitulation to Stalinism [NWNM] Assessment of Deutscher’s work after completion of Trotsky trilogy.

pp. 38-9: [M Turov] 1925-7
Review of RC North & XJ Eudin, MN Roy’s Mission to China (University of California Press).

p. 39: Kremlinology
Review of R Pethybridge, A Key to Soviet Politics (Allen & Unwin).

No 17: Summer 1964
p 31: [Y Sakhry] Catalogue
Review of G Baer, Population and Society in the Arab East (Routledge & Kegan Paul). Book by a former comrade gone astray; hence Cliff uses an old Palestine pseudonym.

pp 31-2: Splits
Reviews of K Mehnert, Peking and Moscow (Weidenfeld & Nicolson) & D Floyd, Mao against Khrushchev (Praeger).

p 32: Useful Placidities
Review of R Hiscocks, Poland, Bridge for the Abyss, (OUP).

p32: [M Turov] Little Profit
Review of KE McKenzie, Comintern and World Revolution, 1928-43 (Columbia UP).

No 18: Autumn 1964
p. 32: Facts
Review of A Nove, Was Stalin Really Necessary? (Allen & Unwin), A Zauberman, Industrial Progress in Poland, Czechoslovakia and East Germany 1937-1962 (OUP), HP Shaffer (ed.), The Soviet Economy (Methuen) & G Ionescu, Communism in Rumania 1944-1962 (OUP).

pp. 32-33: Inadequate
Review of R Pethybridge (ed.), Witnesses to the Russian Revolution (Allen & Unwin) & J Keep (ed.), Contemporary History in the Soviet Mirror (Allen & Unwin).

No 19: Winter 1964-65
pp. 4-16: Marxism and the Collectivisation of Agriculture
Critical review of Marxist theories.isj21.jpg

No 21: Summer 1965
p.24: [unsigned] Introduction to extract from Rosa Luxemburg, Mass Strike, Party and Trade Union
Style suggests this is by Cliff.

p. 32: Figures of Fun
Review of D Ingram, The Communist Economic Challenge (Allen & Unwin).

p. 32: [M Turov] How to Grow?
Review of JW Hulse, The Forming of the Communist International (Stanford UP). Importance of fact that CPs grew from splits in existing mass parties.isj26.jpgp. 32: [R Tennant] Barton is Best
Review of S Swianicwicz, Forced Labour and Economic Development (Chatham House/OUP).

p. 32: Change of Sign
Review of L Fischer, The Life of Lenin (Weidenfeld & Nicolson).

No 29: Summer 1967
pp 7-16: Crisis in China [NWNM] The Cultural Revolution; Maoist voluntarism against Bukharinism.

No 32: Spring 1968
pp. 13-18: The Theory of Bureaucratic Collectivism – a Critique [NWNM] Duplicated document dated 1948 [see section H]; also reproduced in The Fourth International, Stalinism and the Origins of the International Socialists (1971) [See section A].

No 36 – no 73: Second section online: International Socialism, content by issue – (April/May 1969 – December 1974) Marxist Internet Archive; Encyclopedia of Trotskyism.

No 36: April-May 1969
pp. 15-21: On Perspectives [W2]

No 37: June-July 1969
pp. 23-24: Introduction
Introduces Sheng-wu-lien document ”˜Whither China?’

No 48: June-July 1971
pp 31-3: The Bureaucracy Today
Conclusion to a special issue on The Trade Union Bureaucracy in Britain.
No 52: July September 1972
pp. 16-22: From Marxist Circle to Agitation
Abbreviated chapter 2 from Lenin volume I.

No. 61: Summer 1973
pp. 18-29: Permanent Revolution
reprint from IS1 12
pp. 30-39: Crisis in China
reprint from IS1 29

No 63: October 1973
pp 29-30: review of T Deutscher (ed.), Not by politics alone: the other Lenin (Allen & Unwin)
There was no unpolitical Lenin.

No 67: March 1974isj67.jpg
pp 10-14: Lenin’s Pravda
From Lenin volume I, chapter 19; a contribution to the internal debate on the rôle of Socialist Worker.

No 74 – no 104: Third section online: International Socialism, content by issue – (January 1975 – January 1978) Marxist Internet Archive; Encyclopedia of Trotskyism.

No 74: January 1975
pp 28-9: Lenin’s Central Committee.
Review of The Bolsheviks and the October Revolution, Central Committee Minutes of the Russian Social-Democratic Labour Party (Bolsheviks), Pluto 1974. Cliff contributed notes to this volume [see section A].

Nos 81-82: September 1975
Portugal at the Crossroads [W1] Special double issue entirely by Cliff.

No 87: March-April 1976
pp 10-19: [Tony Cliff & Robin Peterson] Portugal: The Last Three Months
Retreat after 25 November.

No. 95: February 1977
pp 19-24: Portugal at the impasse.
Retreat in 1976; critique of PRP.

Labour Worker, Socialist Worker

Labour Worker

Vol. 2, No 1 (1963)
pp. 4-5: Peking – Moscow: The Widening Gulf
Why Mao opposes peaceful coexistence.

Vol. 2, No 2 (1963)
pp. 6-7: Peking – Moscow: The Widening Gulf (concluding from last month)
Economic roots of Sino-Soviet split.

Vol. 2, No 4: June 1963
p. 3: How Hitler’s Bosses Kept Power
Why German steel industry was not nationalised after 1945.

Vol. 3, No 8: November 1964
pp. 3-4: Maurice Thorez – Communist Dinosaur
Obituary of French Communist leader; role at Liberation and over Algeria.

Vol. 3, No 9 [wrongly numbered 4]: December 1964
p. 3: Why was Khrushchev removed?
Fall of Khrushchev and crisis of Russian agriculture.

No 35: Mid-April 1965
p. 3: Permanent War Economy
Extracts from Socialist Review article (SR1 April 1957); editing by I Birchall; Cliff found the editing highly unsatisfactory and described it as an ”˜abortion’.

No 41: Mid-July 1965
p. 2: Letter
Response to article by John Palmer in LW 40; Palmer’s alleged claim that Britain could be insulated from world slump is dismissed as ”˜not revolutionary’. See also letter from Paul Foot in LW 42.

No 47: Mid-November 1965
p. 4: Profit without honour
Critique of Labour Government’s ”˜National Economic Plan’

No 62: 5 August 1966
p. 4: Letter
Reply to Tony Young’s comment on Incomes Policy book in LW 61; why Britain cannot emulate economic ”˜miracles’ in continental Europe.

No 64: 28 September 1966
p. 3: [Tony Cliff & Chris Harman] : End of the parliamentary road to socialism?
Crisis of Wilson government and need for revolutionary alternative.

No 66: December 1966
pp. 4-5: Palest pink in word and deed
History of Labour Party to 1931; why Labour has never been a socialist party.

No 67: January 1967
p. 6: Labour’s addiction to the ”˜rubber stamp’ [NWNM] [W2] Economic change means Labour no longer even reformist.

No 68: February 1967
p. 7: The sad saga of the soggies’ decline
Decline of Labour left from Lansbury to Michael Foot.

No 70: April 1967
p. 2: Mao and the workers
The Chinese working class and the Cultural Revolution.

No 72: June 1967
p. 2: Sneaky old Chu Te!
Mao’s purge of Chu Te comparable to Moscow trials.

No 73: July 1967
pp. 4-5: Middle East: Powder keg with a Zionist fuse
Précis of pamphlet The Struggle in the Middle East (1967) [see section A],

No 77: November 1967
pp. 4-5: October: The unfinished revolution…
Fiftieth anniversary of Russian Revolution.

Socialist Worker (from June 1968)

No 132: 24 July 1969
pp. 2-3: The Nigerian bloodbath
Against support for Biafra; cf. article by P Sedgwick in SW 130 and letters in SW 133.

No 144: 30 October 1969
pp. 2-3: [Harry Jones: CP: down the slippery slope…
Critique of Communist Party industrial policy; style and compiler’s memory suggest attribution to Cliff.

No 156: 29 January 1970
p. 3: Time and motion study: ”˜scientific’ way of squeezing more profit
Fighting scientific pretensions of time and motion study on the shop floor; taster for The Employers’ Offensive.

No 158: 12 February 1970
p. 4: Shift Work
Another taster for The Employers’ Offensive.

No 266: 8 April 1972
p. 11: The Irish struggle: which way ahead?
IS conference intervention; unconditional but critical support for IRA.

No 283: 5 August 1972
pp. 5, 7: The battle is won but war goes on [NWNM] [W2] Situation after freeing of Pentonville dockers; three cogs – party, rank-and-file, trade unions.

No 287: 2 September 1972
p. 5: Balance sheet on docks battle
Situation after Aldington-Jones agreement; need to involve rank-and-file.

No 293: 14 October 1972
p. 5: Heath’s pay fraud must be smashed
No incomes policy under capitalism.

No 300: 2 December 1972
p. 1: [unsigned] IS members speak to mass meeting
Brief account of Scunthorpe strike for higher pensions including quote from Cliff; full report p. 15.
p. 15: [Bill Message]: 2000 strike to back higher pensions call [ITHOS] Includes speech by Cliff to 2000 striking workers in Scunthorpe advocating industrial action to raise pensions.

No 302: 16 December 1972
p. 7: International Socialism
Plug for new monthly International Socialism, ”˜a real weapon in the struggle’.

No 304: 6 January 1973
p. 5: 1972: Tremendous year for the workers [NWNM] [W2] [Online – Reprinted as “A great year for the workers”, Socialist Review, No. 260, February 2002, pp. 12-13].
Organisational implications of the successful strikes in 1972.

No 314: 17 March 1973
pp. 8-9: Gale that can blow down the Tories…
Unevenness of struggle and need to go beyond sectionalism.

No 315: 24 March 1973
pp. 2-3 Build Workers’ Party: IS Conference Keynote
p. 2: History is knocking on our door says Cliff
Introduction to conference debate on perspectives; also short intervention on ”˜rising scale of wages’.
p. 3: Programme adopted

No 319: 21 April 1973
p. 7: Now rank & file must pick up the gauntlet
Retreats by TU bureaucracy and need for rank-and-file organisation.

No 328: 23 June 1973
p. 9: Grasp nettle of factory power
Need to build IS factory branches.

No 347: 3 November 1973
p. 9: Phase 3 must go
Attack on Tory wages policy; importance of SW Industrial Conference on 11 November.

No 349: 17 November 1973
p. 2: Build new leadership – with socialist politics
Speech to SW Industrial Conference at Manchester.

No 355: 5 January 1974
p. 5: Heath’s blackmail
How to fight three-day week imposed by Heath in response to miners’ overtime ban.

No 357: 19 January 1974
p. 7: How far will the bosses go?
Deepening crisis of British capitalism.

No 359: 2 February 1974
pp. 8-9: Lenin – His ideas are the future [NWNM] Fiftieth anniversary of Lenin’s death; first volume of biography promised for later in year.

No 364: 9 March 1974
p. 3: Minority: Alibi for union chiefs
Perspectives for newly elected Labour government.

No 380: 29 June 1974 (wrongly dated 1975)
pp. 8-9: Lessons for the revolution [ITHOS] How to develop the pre-revolutionary situation in Portugal.

No 394: 5 October 1974
p. 14: We have the muscle, we need the brain!
Introductory speech at IS conference.

No 404: 14 December 1974
p. 7: Stagflation!
Extract from The Crisis.

No 405: 21 December 1974
p. 7: The Great Incomes Policy Con-Trick [NWNM] Extract from The Crisis.

No 406: 4 January 1975
p. 9: The Revolutionary Party – Midwife of socialism
Extract from The Crisis.

No 413: 22 February 1975
p. 2: We’ve planted the seed – now we must make it grow
Second IS factory branches conference to be held in Manchester, 22 February.

No 418: 7 June 1975
p. 10: IS Conference 1975
Opening speech at conference.

No 446: 11 October 1975
p. 11: Portugal: An open letter to the revolution
Extracts from pamphlet Portugal o caminho a frente [see section K] distributed in Portugal.

No 448: 25 October 1975
p. 5: Portugal: The great danger
Soldiers cannot substitute for workers; critique of PRP.

No 454: 6 December 1975
p. 7: [Tony Cliff & Chris Harman] Portugal: Reaction has won a battle
Situation in Portugal after 25 November.

No 479: 5 June 1976
p. 10: Link with the Party – in action!
p. 13 Racism
Contributions to IS Conference on united front and on exploitation and oppression.

No 509: 8 January 1977
p. 10: Why we need a socialist workers’ party [NWNM] International Socialists become the SWP.

No 521: 2 April 1977
pp. 8-9: Phase 3 … or phase-free?
Fighting new phase of Labour’s Social Contract.

No 546: 24 September 1977
p. 8: Build the Socialist Workers Party in the workplace!
Situation after Grunwicks strike and Lewisham anti-NF demonstration.

No 568: 4 March 1978
p. 7: Scenario for the future?
First of a series on the present state of the class struggle.

No 571: 25 March 1978
p. 5: Divide and rule!
Differentials and craftism.

No 573 (wrongly numbered 523): 8 April 1978
p. 7: Steel: These jobs can be fought for
Analysis of situation in the steel industry.

No 578: 13 May 1978
p. 4: Build the Anti Nazi League
Perspectives after first ANL carnival.

No 579: 20 May 1978
p. 9: King Canute would be just as effective…
Inadequacy of CP and Labour Left policies against unemployment.

No 581: 3 June 1978
p. 4: Unemployment: Building the Resistance
Experience of fighting sackings in 1930s and 1970s.

No 582: 10 June 1978
p. 6: Letters
Comment on Martin Tomkinsons’s article on Muhammad Ali in SW 580, stressing importance of joining Black Muslims.

No 591: 12 August 1978
p. 11: Shooting it out in Paris and London
Attacks on PLO offices have roots in Arab states’ dependency on imperialism.

No 592 (wrongly numbered 560): 19 August 1978
p. 12: News from the Socialist Workers Party
Statement by Cliff, now SW editor, on role of strike reports and sales to strikers.

No 593 (wrongly numbered 592): 26 August 1978
p. 2: For the Right to Work
Editorial on socialist answer to unemployment.
p. 9: Why socialists must support the gays [NWNM] Part of centre spread on ”˜Coming Out’; London workers’ council will be led by ”˜19 year old black gay woman’.

No 594 (not numbered); 2 September 1978
p. 12: Getting away from boring reports
Call from editor for more imagination in strike reports.
p. 16: From Calcutta to King’s Cross
We can learn from Indian bus workers who ran buses but refused to collect fares.

No 596: 16 September 1978
p. 2: Stormy weather for ship of state
Editorial forecasting winter of industrial discontent.

No 598: 30 September 1978
p. 2: Ford fight for us all
Editorial: Ford victory will help low paid; Ford defeat will open door for Thatcher.
p. 7: Still United!
Second ANL carnival; admission of mistake in not mobilising enough people to oppose NF in Brick Lane.

No 599: 7 October 1978
p. 2: 100,000 Plus
Editorial on need to keep ANL broad, but fight for socialist ideas within it.

No 600: 14 October 1978
p. 10: The Prod Fraud
Ford strikers popular but other workers should take action now.

No 601: 21 October 1978
p. 2: Wages, profits and prices
Editorial – wages do not cause inflation.

No 605: 18 November 1978
p. 3: Healey’s Hammer
Labour government raises interest rates.

No 606: 25 November 1978
p. 2: The Whip
Editorial – Labour government drops humane rhetoric and becomes more openly anti working class.

No 631: 26 May 1979
pp. 8-9: Ten Years On [NWNM] [W2] [ITHOS] Class struggle 1969-79 – based on speech at Skegness rally, Easter 1979.

No 635: 23 June 1979
p. 4: No More Murders
Extract from speech at Blair Peach funeral.

No 647 (wrongly numbered 674): 15 September 1979
p. 8: These words are weapons against the cuts
Review of Dave Widgery, Health in Danger (Macmillan) and Noreen Branson, Poplarism 1919-1925 (Lawrence & Wishart).

No 656: 17 November 1979
p. 10: What they said
Speech to SWP conference on downturn and Code of Practice.

No 657: 24 November 1979
p. 6: Socialist Worker
Editor’s introduction to debate on SW at SWP conference.

No 660: 15 December 1979
p. 2: It’s time to close ranks
Editorial on need for unity in face of employers’ offensive.

No 664: 19 January 1980
p. 13: Get a hold on the present
Plug for new issue of Socialist Review.

No 676: 12 April 1980
pp. 2-3: Steel – Time to stoke the fires down below
Assessment of the steel strike after return to work.

No 677: 19 April 1980
p. 11: The £62,000 misprint
Letter correcting misprint in SW 676 article.

No 681: 17 May 1980
p. 3: After May 14…
Limits of TUC Day of Action on 14 May.

No 685: 14 June 1980
p. 2: Who’s left to back Benn?
Editorial – Benn does not dare challenge TU bureaucracy.

No 698: 13 September 1980 [NB subsequent issue also numbered 698] p. 4: Poland: How long can the deal last?
Polish unions challenge state capitalism.

No 709: 29 November 1980
p. 10: In the fight against this … is he going to be any help?
Michael Foot elected Labour leader; limits of Labour’s challenge to Tories.

No 741: 18 July 1981
p. 3: After the riots we say Jobs not Jails
1981 riots.

No 767: 23 January 1982
p. 13: Poland: Read all about it in Socialist Review
Review of Socialist Review [SR2 23 January – 19 February 1982] issue on Poland.

No 787: 12 June 1982
pp. 8-9: Labour Left in Retreat
Bennism and the Falklands war.

No 790: 3 July 1982
pp. 8-9: The Road from Zionism to Genocide

No 1743: 14 April 2001
p. 10: Roots of Israel’s violence [Online – Rerprint No. 1743: 14 April 2001, p. 10] Personal recollections of origins of Zionism.

No 793: 24 July 1982
pp. 8-9: Picking up the Pieces
Lessons of the train drivers’ defeat.

No 794: 31 July 1982
p. 12 [Tony Cliff & Peter Clark] The SWP – building in the next nine months
Organising in the downturn.

No 809: 13 November 1982
pp. 8-9: Russia 1917 – When the Workers Took Over
Sixty-fifth anniversary of October Revolution

No 812: 4 December 1982
p. 10: To understand Ireland today you have to start with Connolly
From speech to SWP Conference.

No 819: 5 February 1983
p. 13: Building Castles in the Air
Summing up and response to series of interviews (”˜Where do we go from here?’) with representatives of Labour left: Peter Hain (11 December 1982); Chris Mullin (18 December 1982); Laurence Coates (8 January 1983); Val Veness (15 January 1983).

No 822: 26 February 1983
p. 11: The Revolutionary Ideas of Karl Marx
Review of Callinicos book.

No 824: 12 March 1983
Marx Special supplement pp. 7-8: There cannot be a revolutionary movement without a revolutionary theory, And this theory is Marxism
Marx centenary.

No 880: 14 April 1984
p. 10: Neither side has broken through
First month of the miners’ strike.

No 881: 21 April 1984 (wrongly numbered/dated 880/14 April)
pp. 4-5: Taking the initiative
Summing-up of meeting of SWP supporting miners.

No 888: 9 June 1984
p. 10: A crisis of leadership
Miners’ strike after three months.

No 889: 16 June 1984
pp. 4-5: Weighing up the problems sizing up the tasks
Introduction to meeting of SWP supporting miners.

No 962: 16 November 1985
p. 10: Militant – the scapegoat
SWP conference speech – unity appeal to Militant.

No 1103: 15 November 1986
p. 11: Election will solve nothing for our rulers
Introduction to discussion on tasks for socialists at SWP conference.

No 1023: 7 February 1987
p. 10: BT strike: strength and weaknesses
Socialist strategy in a sectional dispute.

No 1064: 21 November 1987
p. 11: Winning an audience for revolutionary ideas
SWP Conference – New stage of the downturn; preparing for the upturn.

No 1065: 28 November 1987
p. 10: Nationalism
Contribution to conference debate on Iran; military but not political support.

No 1066: 5 December 1987
p. 10: Fighting Racism
Contribution to conference debate: black nationalism as reformism without reforms.

No 1114: 19 November 1988
p. 11: Learning to lead
Introduction to party-building session at SWP conference

No 1118: 17 December 1988
pp. 8-9: [Interview with Tony Cliff & Duncan Hallas] Which way forward for the left?
Labour Party and anti-Tory mood.

No 1202: 18 August 1990
p. 10: ”˜As long as I breathe I hope’
Fiftieth anniversary of Trotsky’s death.

No 1215: 17 November 1990
p. 11: Opportunities ahead
Introduction to SWP Conference debate on Socialist Worker and building the SWP.

No 1266: 16 November 1991
pp. 10-11: Building the Party
Report of speech to SWP conference.

No 1300: 18 July 1992
p.7: Class struggle in the 90s [ITHOS] Text of Marxism meeting.

No 1317: 14 November 1992
p. 11: Build the Socialists
Report of speech from SWP Conference.

No 1326: 23 January 1993
p. 10: [Interview] Shape the future
Perspectives after pit closures.

No 1368: 13 November 1993
p. 10: [Tony Cliff & Chris Bambery] Get Stuck in and Build
Introduction to session at SWP Conference.

No 1418: 12 November 1994
p. 10: Balance of forces
SWP conference – introduction to discussion on state of class struggle.

No 1433: 11 March 1995
p. 5: ”˜We can learn from each other’
Reasons to support SW trade union conference

No 1468: 11 November 1995
p. 10: Socialist Workers Party conference
Introduction to first session on year ahead.

No 1520: 16 November 1996
p.10: Our historic opportunity
Introduction to opening session of SWP conference.

No 1545: 17 May 1997
p. 13: Moving on after the celebrations
Speech to SWP national meeting after Labour election victory.

No 1566: 11 October 1997
p. 13: ”˜Our politics can bridge the gap’
Speech to SWP national meeting.

No 1571: 15 November 1997
p. 10: Politics can win a big audience
Speech to SWP conference on discontent with Blair government.

No 1617: 10 October 1998
p. 14: A bold response to the economic crisis
Speech to SWP national meeting on Indonesia and conditions for revolution. 2009sw1999best.jpg

No 1673: 20 November 1999
p. 11: Politics is vital [Online – scroll down] Speech to SWP conference on nature of present period.

No 1743: 14 April 2001
p. 10: Roots of Israel’s violence [Online] Written 1982; [reprint of SW 3 July 1982]

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