Tony Cliff Bibliography by Ian Birchall


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 Cliff, Tony (

 Om forfatteren [Tony Cliff]
 Forord til norske pjece: Trotskisme etter Trotski : Internasjonale Sosialisters røtter
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Socialist Workers Party (SWP). (


 Tony Cliff (

 Cliff, Tony (1917-2000) (MIA: Encyclopedia of Marxism: Glossary of People).

 Cronology, in: Tony Cliff: A World to Win (Marxist Internet Archive; Marxist Writers).


Tony Cliff (Series by Gareth Jenkins on the life and work of Tony Cliff, Socialist Worker, UK):

 Always facing the harsh truth of reality (7 October 2006, issue 2021).

 How were Third World revolutions deflected? (14 October 2006, issue 2022).

 Arming the party for future struggles (21 October 2006, issue 2023).

Tony Cliff


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