Tony Cliff Bibliography by Ian Birchall


Tony Cliff in Danish (with English editions and “Errata for bibliography”

Tony CliffTony Cliff (20 maj 1917 – 9. maj 2000). Palestinian Jewish Marxist and Trotskyist.
Developed the theory
* of the character of the Stalinist states as “”bureaucratic state capitalist”,
(see: State Capitalism in Russia).
* Developed the theory of the revolutions in countries such as Cuba and China ‘deflected’ permanent revolutions
(see: Deflected Permanent Revolution.
* For the long boom in Western capitalism since the Second World War, he developend (with Michael Kidron) the teory of the ‘permanent arms econymy.
(see: Perspectives of the Permanent War Economy).

Afte the Second World War Tony Cliff lived in Britain, where he founded the International Socialist Tendency, first by the Socialist Review Group (1950-62), forerunner of the International Socialists (from 1977: Socialist Workers Party (SWP), as well as the International Socialist Tendency).

The included bibliography is a work by Ian Birchall Bibliography : of the writings and works of Tony Cliff : A First Approximation, April 2002. The Danish amendment Tony Cliff – in Danish and the Errata-part has been updated May 2006.

Suggestions for contributions and changes are welcome.

Jørgen Lund, started 16 May 2006

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