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Tony Cliff Bibliography by Ian Birchall


På dansk af Tony Cliff

Nekrologer / Obituaries

Birchall, Ian: Talkin’ ”˜bout a revolutionary (International Socialism, Issue 131, Summer 2011, page 207-14). Joseph Choonara spoke to Ian Birchall, author of Tony Cliff: A Marxist for his Time (Bookmarks, 2011).
Reviews of Birchall’s book:
Cliff Reviews. By Ian Birchall (Grim and Dim). “The biography received a large number of reviews from the standpoint of various political currents.”
Review (part 1) by Sheila Cohen (LSHG Newsletter, Issue 52, Summer 2014, 4 May 2014).
Tony Cliff as a socialist leader. By Samuel Farber (Against the Current, Issue 166, September-October 2013).
Too early to say. By Mike Macnair (Weekly Worker, Issue 894, December 15, 2011).
Review by Dominic Alexander (Counterfire, 15 December 2011).
Tony Cliff rediscovered. By Nigel Harris + Christian Høgsbjerg (International Socialism, Issue 132, Autumn 2011, p. 175-186).
A revolutionary without a revolution. By John Palmer (Red Pepper, October 2011).
Tony Cliff: ‘Si monumentum requiris, circumspice’. By Paul Hampton (Solidarity, Issue 215, 7 September 2011).
Review by Ian Taylor (Socialist Review, July-August 2011).

Birchall, Ian: Tony Cliff: a life in the struggle (Socialist Worker, Issue 2257, 25 June 2011).

Birchall, Ian: Tony Cliff remembered (Socialist Review, April 2010).

Birchall, Ian: Seizing the time: Tony Cliff and 1968 (International Socialism, Issue 118, Spring 2008).

Foot, Paul: Tony Cliff : Revolutionary political theorist and organiser who fired the Socialist Workers Party with his charisma, charm and vision (The Guardian, 11 April 2000; online at REDS – Die Roten).

Hallas, Duncan: Tony Cliff : ”˜He sensed before anyone else the need for change´ (Socialist Review, Issue 241, May 2000).

Hallas, Duncan, Chris Harman et al.: Above all, he was a revolutionary : Tony Cliff 1917-2000. In this special issue, three long standing comrades pay tribute to Cliff (Socialist Review, No. 241, May 2000, p. 16-20):
Optimism of the will, by Duncan Hallas, Eddie Prevost, Ian Mitchell – Interview with Tony Cliff: Nothing so romantic – Movie with an open ending. “… how Tony Cliff made sense of the contradictions and crises of the 1990s”, by Chris Harman.

Hearse, Phil: Tony Cliff – a life for revolution (Green Left Weekly, Issue 402, 19 April 2000).

Higgins, Jim: Tony Cliff: a man of his time (Weekly Worker, Issue 332, April 20 2000).

Matgamma, Sean: The Great Gadsby : The paradoxes of Tony Cliff, 1917 – 2000 (Workers’ Liberty, 64/5, 2000).

Perrin, Dave: Another leader called Tony (Socialist Party/Socialist Standard, No. 1149 May 2000).
The modern SWP is certainly the House that Cliff built.

Rees, John: Tony Cliff: theory and practice (International Socialism, Issue 87, Summer 2000).

Renton, David: No more heroes anymore (The Voice of the Turtle, 2000).

Sarneh, Ygal: A revolutionary life. (Yediyot Aharonot, Israeli Hebrew evening paper, 4 October 1991).

Shaw, Martin: Tony Cliff (Ygael Gluckstein) 1917-2000 (, april 2000).

See also:

John Rose: Tony Cliff’s Lenin and the Russian Revolution (International Socialism, Issue 129, Winter 2011, p.183-200).

Neil Davidson: From deflected permanent revolution to the law of uneven and combined development (International Socialism, Issue 128, Autumn 2010, p.167-202).

Leo Zeilig: Tony Cliff: Deflected permanent revolution in Africa (International Socialism, Issue 126, Spring 2010, p.159-185).

Socialist Worker on Tony Cliff’s funeral (Socialist Worker, Issue 1694, 29 April 2000; online at Google Groups).

The Darker the Night the Brighter the Star (YouTube, 7:06 min.). “Song as a tribute to Tony Cliff and Geroge Petersen … As it turns out, this song may as well have be called ‘Ballard of the twentith century!'”



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