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Tony Cliff Internet Archive

Marxists Internet Archive (MIA); Marxist Writers: Tony Cliff
Biography – Works – Further Reading.
16 books & pamplets online + Articles.
[On the MIA Webpage: In cronological order & books in bold, scroll down the page]:
The Nature of Stalinist Russia (book), 1948
On the Class Nature of the ‘People’s Democracies’, 1950
Stalin’s Satellites in Europe (book), 1952
State Capitalism in Russia (book), 1955
Rosa Luxemburg (book), 1959
Russia: a Marxist analysis (book), 1964
Incomes policy, legislation and shop stewards (with Colin Barker) (pamphlet), 1966
France – the struggle goes on (with Ian Birchall) (pamphlet), 1968
Rosa Luxemburg (book), 1969 (revised edition) [note on editions] Lenin (Vol.1): Building the party (book), 1975
Portugal at the Crossroads (pamphlet), 1975
Portugal: The lessons of the 25th November, 1975
Lenin (Vol.2): All Power to the Soviets (Book), 1976
Class struggle and women’s liberation (book), 1984
Trotskyism after Trotsky (book), 1999
Marxism at the millennium (book), 2000
A World to Win: Life of a Revolutionary (book), 2000


“… presentations on topics from Anti Capitalism to Zionism … presented by speakers from a broad spectrum of ‘the left’.” [Mainly speaking at the annual Marxism, organized by SWP] By Tony Cliff – chronological:

 Zionism, 1985

 Class Struggle in UK 1945-85, 1985 – 2nd part.

 The Mass Strike, 1985.

 Rosa Luxemburg, 1987 – 2nd part.

 Lessons of October, 1987.

 Permanent Revolution, 1988

 Lenin, Trotsky, Luxemburg & the party, 1988 – 2nd part.

 Trotsky & Bukharin, 1988.

 Gay Liberation & the struggle for socialism, [1988]
 Marxism ’88 : Final Rally – With Paul Foot.

 Trotsky and the Red Army, 1989. – 2nd part.

 Marxism & the oppressed, 1994.

 Lenin and the party, July 1995(?), 44 min. – 2nd file, Sum up 3 MP3’s

 Socialist under Blair, 1997 – 2nd part.

 State Capitalism, July 1999, 66 min. (Discussion, Sum up) Was USSR Socialist? Why did it collapse?

Tony Cliff: A World to Win

Tony Cliff: A World to Win
“A blog devoted to recording the enormous contribution made by Tony Cliff, founder of the Socialist Workers Party (UK) and its forerunners, to the revolutionary socialist tradition. This blog collates a selection of Cliff’s works, with some commentary from me on their relevance to the challenges faced by revolutionaries today.”

 Socialism and Democracy – Is the Left on the rise ?: The Future for The Left (53:20 min.) – Marxism 1997. With Tony Benn (Socialism and Democracy, 3:20-9:25), Paul Foot (Marxism and Democracy, 9:3829:40), Lindsey German (29:55-36:20), Right to strike? (36:20-46:30 film introduction & contribution), contributions incl. Jeremy Hardy, Paul Foot, Tony Benn, Tony Cliff (49:20-50:09)

 Interview with Tony Cliff 1996 “..speaks about building the party after the end of the second world war, fascism, revolution and elections” (Independent Media Society) 32:52 min.

 Tony Cliff: Lenin & the party. (Edited Version) Tony Cliff at Marxism 1996. Speach illustrated with comic movie clips, comic pictures, etc.

Part 1 7:38 min. – Part 2 5:25 – Part 3 8:53

 Tony Cliff on Lenin. “Meeting in 1970 organised by the International Socialists, the forerunners of the SWP, to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Lenin’s birth..” Speach on tape with picture.

Part 1 10:01 min. – Part 2 10:00 – Part 3 10:05 – part 4 9:25 – Part 5 10:40 –Part 6 9:50 – Part 7 9:55


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