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 Fidel Castro og Cuba (Danish)

Granma International
Online edition of Cuban (official) journal. With news, culture, economy, international etc.

Havana – open minded writing from Cuba
“A web magazine that features critical writing from Cuba.”
See interview with the editor: More glasnost, less perestroika (Weekly Worker, Issue 848, January 13, 2011)

In Defence of Marxism

 Special section: Cuba

Leftist Parties of the World

“Directory of the entire spectrum of political parties, organizations and groups which consider themselves to be leftist or have origins in leftist movements.”

Marxists Internet Archive

 Reference writers: Fidel Castro History Archive + Biography

 History Archive: History of the Cuban Republic
Contents: Cuban Missle Crisis – Cuban Government Documents.

 ETOL: Trotskyism and the Cuban Revolution, 1953-2006. See also Trotskyism and the Cuban Revolution : An annotated reference list.


 Discursos e intervenciones del Comandante en Jefe Fidel Castro Ruz
Archive of Fidel Castro’s speeches in 6 languages.
See also Castro Speech Data Base, 1959-1996 (Lanic).

Socialist Project

 Hot Topics: Cuba Reforms News/Analysis/Events

Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

 Fidel Castro


 Cuban Revolution

Workers Liberty

 Section: Cuba


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