Woodstock-kids. This photo was taken near the Woodstock music festival on August 18, 1969. Foto: Ric Manning
Woodstock-kids. This photo was taken near the Woodstock music festival on August 18, 1969. Foto: Ric Manning

Linkbox om musikfestivalen Woodstock, 15.-18. august 1969 + film om festivalen.
(Tidsskriftcentret, august 2009)

Poster med musiker-autografer.
Poster med musiker-autografer.

15. august 1969 åbnede den første Woodstock-festival i Bethel, ved Woodstock, New York. I løbet af de tre dage, var der ca. ½ mio. deltagere. Det blev alle alle rytmiske musikfestivallers store mor!





Woodstockfestivalen (Denstoredanske.dk)

Woodstockfestivalen (Wikipedia.no). Norsk

Woodstock Festival (Wikipedia.org)

Se også:

Studenteroprør i USA (Leksikon.org)


Tjek navnene og sætlister !: Performing artists and sequence of events (Wikipedia.org)


Woodstock.com : Live Music. Live Woodstock

Woodstoc – Woodstock Experiences – The Festivals [1969, 1994, 1999] – All Concerts (Artists, Pictures, Reviews, Videos, Music Videos) – Community – Shop – News All News – Woodstock Merch – etc.

1969 Woodstock Festival & Concert
A collection of Woodstock Facts, Figures, Stories, Photos, Current Happenings, Memorabilia, Links, and Assorted Tidbits. Assembled to give you a clearer picture of an event that reshaped Music and Society. Join us for a trip to the 1969 Woodstock Festival & Concert!!

Photos – Stories – Reunions – Store – Music – etc.
Woodstock 1969-2009 (Woodstockstory.com)

Woodstock – 40th Anniversary – Woodstock 1969 -Woodstock 2009

– Woodstock Stories – Woodstock Articles

– Woodstock Bands : “the original Woodstock 1969 playlist of bands. .. read the official Woodstock Story” incl. video clips, mostly 2-6 min. ; Jimmy Hendrics 59 min. !!

– Woodstock Pictures – Woodstock Movies – Woodstock Posters – Woodstock Memorabilia – Taking Woodstock – Press Releases – Woodstock Links

Woodstock 1969 Remembered
By Glenn WeiserWoodstock 69 Remembered – a firsthand account

Af indhold: Woodstock Program Guide – Highlights : scans from my original copy –
The East Village Other Reports on Woodstock – 8/20/69 : an alternative press report – Woodstock & Hippy Links – Leaders of the 60s Counterculture I’ve seen or met – Woodstock 1969 Bibliography -Turn on, tune in, read up – liberal and Progressive Websites you should see – Listen to Tim Leary speaking at RPI on 4/8/67

Woodstock – Music and Arts Festival 1969 (Beatlefreak’s Woodstock)
“The summer of 1969 was a time of change. It was the year of the Beatles swansong, the first manned moon landing, and hippies protested and clashed with the establishment over U.S. involvement in Vietnam. On a dairy farm in the town of Bethel …

Scedule – Set lists – Photos – Sound Clips – Woodstock Story – Web Links

Woodstock : more than 300 color photos by Barry Z Levine [wwodstockwitness.com] Photographer Woodstock Film

View from the scene
View from the scene


Musik – Woodstock-festivalen (1960erne.dk)

Woodstock – 40 år efter (Musikbiblioteker.dk)

Crosby, Stills, and Nash Recount Woodstock (Associated Press, on YouTube.com, 2:10 min.)


Woodstock – 1970-documentary
Director: Michael Wadleigh. Editing by Michael Wadleigh, Martin Scorsese et.al. – Release Date:26 March 1970 (USA) – 184 min. (225 min. for Director’s Cut) – OScar 1971 Best sound & Best documentary.
“To many, the festival exemplified the counterculture of the 1960s and the “hippie era.” Thirty-two of the best-known musicians of the day appeared during the sometimes rainy weekend. Although attempts have been made over the years to recreate the festival, the original event has proven to be unique and legendary. … The event was captured in a successful 1970 movie, Woodstock; an accompanying soundtrack album; and Joni Mitchell’s song “Woodstock”, …”

Woodstock (film) Wikipedia.org)

Director’s Cut

Wikipedia.org: Directors Cut

Woodstock 1969 (CAPAC blog, 16.2.2007). Dansk erindring og kommentar til filmen.
på YouTube.Com: Part 1part 2part 3part 4part 5part 6part 7part 8part 9part 10part 11part 12part 13part 14part 15part 16part 17part 18part 19part 20part 21part 22 – part 23/23

40th Anniversary Edition

Wikipedia.org: 40th Anniversary Edition (Wikipedia.org). Dir. Michael Wadleigh.
On You Tube.com: Trailer – Woodstock 40th Anniversary Ultimate Collector’s Edition (2:07 min.)


Taking Woodstock
Dir. Ang Lee (Premiere Cannes Film Festival, Danmark 4.sep. 2009)

Taking Woodstock (Wikipedia.org)

Taking Woodstock (IMDb – The Internet Movie Database)



“Holy Ground”. Photo by Matt Detrich. Read about it at
Woodstock Nation News. Website dedicated to preservating Yasgur farm site.


Joni Mitchell: Woodstock (Big Sur Celebration) (4:58 min)

Crosby, Stills & Nash: A Long Time Gone Woodstock 1969 (4:58). Watch the build-up of Woodstock’s stages while CS&N are playing on the background.

DVD Extra Extra: Woodstock 40th Anniversary Box Set, by The Rotten Tomatoes Show (0:47 min.) [Warning: Ironical]

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