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17. juni 2024
Forside 1778 1778stamp


Reading of Voltaire's L'Orphelin de la Chine (a tragedy about Ghengis Khan and his sons, published in 1755), in the salon of Madame Geoffrin (Malmaison, 1812). The picture shows a gathering of distinguished guests in the drawing-room of French hostess Marie-Thérèse Rodet Geoffrin (1699-1777) who is seated on the right. Artistic license has been taken, both in terms of the number of attendees, and who could have attended in 1755. At least one is depicted much younger than he would have been in 1755, had he lived that long. Among the many litterary guests are Jean-Jacques Rousseau and Voltaire, the last though in form of a bust. Oil on canvas painted by Anicet Charles Gabriel Lemonnier (1743–1824), French painter. Collection: Château de Malmaison. Public Domain.

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