Knowledge is a weapon: Nye links fra Socialistisk Bibliotek
Knowledge is a weapon: Nye links fra Socialistisk Bibliotek.

Nogle af de nyeste links tilføjet på linksamlinger på Socialistisk Biblioteks sider. Some of the latest links, added to the link collections at the Socialist Library’s pages.

Senest opdateret: 2023-09-26 09:07:28


Derfor blev Blekingegadebanden frikendt for drab. Af Thorkild Høyer (, 26. september 2023). “Virkeligheden er ikke altid, som beskrevet af politiet. Det gælder også for udstillingen om Blekingegadebanden på Politimuseet, der forsømmer at fortælle, hvorfor drabstiltalen faldt til jorden.” (på linkboxen Blekingegade-sagen).

2The Working Class

Has the working class disappeared? Fact and fiction. By Fred Weston (In Defence of Marxism, 22 September 2023). “When we look at the actual statistics globally – the stubborn facts – we see that the working class not only exists, but it has never been larger, both in terms of absolute numbers and in terms of its relative weight in society.” (på linkboxen Faglig på Nettet, Se også).

3Chile 1973

50 år siden militærkuppet: Chiles kæmpende revolutionære venstrefløj. 1. del (Autonom Infoservice, 8. september 2023) + 2. del: Chiles revolutionære venstrefløj: Årene op til og under militærkuppet (Ibid., 10. september). (på linkboxen Chiles 11. september).

4Journal: Against the Current

(Against the Current, Issue 226, September-October 2023). American socialist bimonthly online with articles about Hot Labor Summer, Chile 1973, Banking for billions, ‘Imperial decline’ in the Ukraine War, Oppenheimer: the man, book and movie + Book reviews (Enzo Traverso’s Revolution, Alan Wald about Homosexuality and the Left, Stefan Heim about Karl Radek, Michael Löwy about Marxist-Anarchist and Jean Phaelzer’s California, a slave state).

5Spanish conquest of America

Blood and gold: the Spanish conquest of the Americas. By Jorge Martín and Ubaldo Oropeza

6Italy (1969)

Workerism and autonomism in Italy’s “Hot Autumn” (Marxist Left Review, Issue 25, Autumn 2023). “Luca Tavan revisits the explosive period of working-class struggle in the late 1960s and early 1970s, and critiques the autonomist ideas that led to the defeat of the movement, and continue to shape the left today.” (på Tidslinjen 19. november 1969).

7The March on Washington (1963)

The Civil Rights Movement was filled to the brim with Leftists (Jacobin, August 28, 2023). “Today is the 60th anniversary of the March on Washington. Ignore the lies and distortions — the reality, as the latest research shows, is that scores of socialists influenced or were themselves key figures in the civil rights movement.” (på Tidslinjen 28. august 1963).

8Journal: New Politics

(New Politics: An Independent Socialist Journal, Issue 75, Summer 2023, 166 p.). American half-yearly online with sections about Struggles in the United States, International Left Politics/Voices from the critical left in Cuba, Rosa Luxemburg + Book Reviews.

9Ellen Meiksins Wood (1942-2016)

Ellen Meiksins Wood showed us the irrationality of the capitalist market. By Xavier Lafrance (Jacobin, August 7, 2023). “Ellen Meiksins Wood was one of the great Marxist thinkers of her age. One of Wood’s most important contributions was to show how the coercive pressure of markets is specific to capitalism and point us toward the necessary socialist alternative.” (på linkboxen Ellen Meiksins Wood).


Massakren og den israelske selvopfattelse. Af Kenneth Haar (, 6. august 2023). “Indbyggerne var flygtet i deres fiskerbåde” skrev Herbert Pundik om sine oplevelser som ung soldat for Israel i en landsby i Palæstina i 1948. Dokumentarfilmen ‘Tantura’ fortæller en helt anden historie.” (på linkboxen Israel 1948 og Nakbaen).

11Clara Zetkin (1857-1933)

Clean breaks and clear principles (Weekly Worker, Issue 1454, 3 August 2023). “Today’s left largely misunderstands and therefore misrepresents Clara Zetkin’s contribution to the politics of Marxism. Ben Lewis provides an excerpt from the introduction to a newly translated pamphlet.” (på Tidslinjen 5. juli 1857).

12Besættelsen 1943

Augustoprøret 1943: Da arbejderklassen væltede samarbejdspolitikken. Af Nikolaj Lohmann (Revolution, 1. august 2023). “Efter tre år med tysk besættelse fik den danske arbejderklasse nok. I august 1943 var der uroligheder i alle større danske byer, som nogle steder gik over i deciderede opstande.” (på linkboxen Besættelsen 1940-45 – og modstanden).


To fight racism, the Left should revive its universalist tradition (Jacobin, July 25, 2023). “We spoke to writer Kenan Malik, whose new book, Not So Black and White, interrogates race and its relationship to class struggle today, tracing the rise of identity politics alongside the decline of the labor movement and universalism.” (på linkboxen Asad Haiders “Mistaken Identity”; Appendix).


Russia’s war on Ukraine and the European lefts. By Murray Smith (Links: International Journal of Socialist Renewal, 16 July 2023). “The war in Ukraine has cast a harsh light on the radical left in Europe, revealing the best and the worst.” (På Tidslinjen 24. februar  2022).


Degrowing China—by collapse, redistribution, or planning? By Minqi Li (Monthly Review, Vol.75, No.3, July-August 2023). “How can China, the world’s largest energy consumer, be ‘de-grown’? What policies and institutions must change, and what are the potential social implications?” (på linkboxen China and Capitalism).

16The Israel Lobby?

Why does the US back Israeli terror? By Donny Gluckstein (Socialist Worker, Issue 2863, 7 July 2023). “A ‘Zionist lobby’ doesn’t force the West to support the oppression of Palestinians. Israel is an outpost of US imperialism in the Middle East.” (på linkboxen Den israelske lobby og amerikansk udenrigspolitik).

17Journal: International Socialism

(International Socialism, Issue 179, Summer 2023). British quarterly online with articles about The struggles in France, Scotland and independence, Revolutionares and elections, Disorder in Sudan, Slave revolt 1823 + Bookwatch: challenging the ideology of race + book reviews (Labour’s move to the right, Women’s oppression: From egalitarian society to colonialism, The Critique of the Gotha Programme).