Knowledge is a weapon: Nye links fra Socialistisk Bibliotek
Knowledge is a weapon: Nye links fra Socialistisk Bibliotek.

Nogle af de nyeste links tilføjet på linksamlinger på Socialistisk Biblioteks sider. Some of the latest links, added to the link collections at the Socialist Library’s pages.

Senest opdateret: 2022-01-20 10:30:00

1Wannsee-konferencen 1942

For 80 år siden: Nazisterne indleder systematisk massemord på jøderne. Af Larissa Peiffer-Rüssmann (Socialistisk Information, 16. januar 2022). “Den 20. januar 1942 samledes i en villa i berlinerforstaden Wannsee højtstående medlemmer af det nazistiske bureaukrati, SS, Gestapo og efterretningstjenesten, for at koordinere den endelige udryddelse af Europas jøder.” (på Tidslinjen 20. januar 2022).

2Journal: International Socialism

(International Socialism, Issue 173, Winter 2022). British bimonthly online with articles about Workers in the pandemic, After COP26, Ending apartheid in Palestine, After the Hong Kong rebellion, Art and the abyss, Stalinism’s long shadow, Women and the revolution, War on trans people + book reviews.

3The Danish Labour Movement (1885-1920)

The Danish Labour Movement and Marxism 1885-1920. By Gerd Callesen (Socialistisk Bibliotek, 12. januar 2022). En upubliceret artikel fra 2018: “… the Danish labor movement was socialist from the outset.” (på linkboxen Socialdemokratiet).

4Lawrence Strike of 1912

How US textile workers fought back in 1912 (Socialist Worker, Issue 2787, 10 January 2022). “A hundred and ten years ago immigrant and women textile workers came together to beat the bosses and fight attacks on their wages in Lawrence in the US. Sam Ord tells their inspiring story that has lessons for today.” (på Tidslinjen 11. januar 1912).

5Rosa Luxemburg (1871-1919)

Rosa Luxemburg and the Bolsheviks: dispelling the myths. By Fred Weston and Parson Young (In Defence of Marxism, 10 January 2022). “This great revolutionary martyr has often been misrepresented as an opponent of the October Revolution, and as standing for some sort of ‘softer’, ‘anti-authoritarian’ Marxism as against that of Lenin and the Bolsheviks.” (på linkboxen Rosa Luxemburg, 1871-1919).

6David Graeber and human history

‘The Dawn of Everything’ gets human history wrong (Climate & Capitalism, December 17, 2021). “Is inequality inevitable? Is freedom just a choice? Two materialist critiques of a widely-praised book [by Chris Knight + Nancy Lindisfarne and Jonathan Neale].” (på Tidslinjen 2. september 2020).

7Winston Churchill (1874-1965)

Winston Churchill was not your friend. By Tariq Ali (Jacobin, January 3, 2022). “Winston Churchill has become all but deified in modern Britain. But in his own lifetime, Churchill was often recognized for who he really was: an unrepentant imperialist and racist, a foe of trade unions and women’s rights, and a defender of elite privilege.” (på Tidslinjen 24. januar 1965).

8Desmond Tutu (1931-2021)

Mindeord: Desmond Tutu kæmpede for menneskerettigheder – og mod apartheid – hele sit liv. Af Tue Magnussen (, 3. januar 2021). “Et langt liv som menneskerettigheds-forkæmper er forbi. Desmond Tutu bevarede trods stor hæder jordforbindelsen, og fastholdt sin kritik af apartheid og brud på menneskerettigheder.” (på Tidslinjen 10. december 1984).

9Journal: Against the Current

(Against the Current, Issue 216, January-February 2022). American socialist bimonthly online with themes about Racial Justices + Revolutionary Tradition and articles about the black writer Richard Wright (1908-1960) and The United States and China + book reviews.


Hvordan stoppes den snigende fascisme? Af Neil Faulkner (Socialistisk Information, 27. december 2021). “Det autoritære højre – et forstadie til fascismen – er på hastig fremmarch, godt hjulpet på vej af den globale kapitalismes krise, COVID-19, klimaforandringerne og frygten for migranter og flygtninge.” (på linkboxen Fascisme & anti-fascisme).

11Israel 1948

Classified documents reveal Israeli government cover-up of ethnic cleansing of Palestinians in 1948. By Jean Shaoul (World Socialist Web Site, 20 December 2021). “Recently released documents, including minutes of Israel’s provisional government meetings in 1948, throw fresh light on the Nakba (‘Catastrophe’) of 1948-49.” See the report from Akevot Institute  (Haaretz, December 9, 2021) (på linkboxen Israel 1948 og Nakbaen).

12Journal: Middle East Report

(Middle East Report, Issue 301, Winter 2021). Revolutionary Afterlives: “The issue considers the ongoing political struggles throughout the region, 10 years after the Arab Uprisings … this issue examines what lessons might have been learned and not learned, and it uniquely focuses on emerging new solidarities in social movements around the region.”

13Frantz Fanon (1925-1961)

Who owns Frantz Fanon’s legacy? By Bashir Abu-Manneh (Jacobin, December 10, 2021). “Frantz Fanon’s The Wretched of the Earth captures the revolutionary possibilities of decolonization. Yet the book has been marred by a misreading that ignores Fanon’s socialism and class analysis, and turns the great thinker into a prophet of violence.” (på linkboxen Frantz Fanon).

14Journal: Irish Marxist Review

(Irish Marxist Review, Vol.10, No.31, 2021). Online with articles, among others, about The planetary emergency: what is to be done now?, The tragedy of Afghanistan, Cancel culture: what is the real debate?, State capitalism today, Comintern and the United Front + Book reviews.

15World Protests

World Protests: A Study of Key Protest Issues in the 21st Century. By Isabel Ortiz, Sara Burke, Mohamed Berrada and Hernán Saenz Cortés (Palgrave Macmillan, 2021, 185 p.). “Surveys nearly three thousand protests in 101 countries from 2006 to 2020.” See also World Protests Platform (site). (på linkboxen Faglig på Nettet; Se også).

16Tidsskrift: Kritisk Debat

(Kritisk Debat, december 2021). Online med artikler om Socialdemokratisk republikanisme, Ventotene-manifestet fra 1941 om en socialistisk føderalistisk politik i Europa, Historien om dansk kapitalisme 3: Klasserne, Tyskland efter valget, Det tyske højres klima-obstruktion og De nye gamle 68’ere.

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