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A demonstration of workers from the Putilov plant in Petrograd (modern day St. Peterburg), Russia, during the February Revolution. The left banner reads (misspelt) "Feed [plural imperative] the children of the defenders of the motherland"; the right banner, "Increase payments to the soldiers' families - defenders of freedom and world peace". Both refer to the economic toll the First World War was having on civilian life, February 1917 (probably around March 7 [O.S. February 22]) Photo: Unknown. Public Domain.


...They ended up toppling tsarism.” A Marxist History of the World, by Neil Faulkner (Counterfire): Part 70: 1917: the February Revolution (9 April 2012) Part 71: Dual power: the mechanics of revolution (15 April 2012) Part 72: February to October: the rhythms of revolution (23 April 2012) Part 73: 1917:...
Painting of the Sharpeville massacre, which took place 21 March 1960, Sharpeville, Gauteng province, South Africa, currently located in the South African Consulate in London. Made by Godfrey Rubens (painter and photographer). (CC BY-SA 3.0).


...1962 af Perry Anderson. Se: New Left Review (Wikipedia.org) New Left Review (site) A brief history of New Left Review 1960-2010 (Newleftreview.org) Illustration: New Left Review (No.1, January-February 1960) New Left Review: The search for theory. By Ian Birchall (International Socialism, Issue 115, Summer 2007, p.202-205). Review of Duncan Thompson,...
International Workers Day march for immigrant and workers rights, Minneapolis, Minnesota, April 29, 2016. Photop: Fibonacci Blue. (CC BY 2.0).

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...A brief history of the Danish labour movement (oktober 2009; online på Socialistisk Bibliotek) “The text was originally published in print as a summary for the book Kampen for en bedre tilværelse, published by SFAH in 1990 + a new chapter on the last period 1982-2000.” Fremad og aldrig glemme:...
Tet Offensive, Saigon 1968. A Viet Cong prisoner sits next to corpses of 11 of his slain fellow guerrillas after a street fight in Saigon-Cholon on February 11, 1968. In the background are Vietnamese Marines that defeated a Viet Cong platoon holed up in the residential area. The prisoner was later taken out for interrogation. Photo: Eddie Adams/AP. (CC BY 2.0). Source: flickr.com


...to Manchester rs21, Colin Barker reflects on the ‘madness of May ‘68’, when, for a brief moment, everything seemed possible.” How beautiful it was. By Jonah Birch (Jacobin, 23 May 2018). “For a few brief weeks in France, not just a government but an entire system was called into question.”...
Statue of Tony Cliff, by his widow Chanie Rosenberg (Concrete, 1990). Photo taken by Hossam el-Hamalawy on July 4, 2008. (CC BY 2.0).

Tony Cliff (1917-2000)

...to women and feminism”). Comment to Jim Higgins review. By Ian Birchall (Revolutionary History, Vol. 8, No.1, 2001). Tony Cliff (2002). By Jim Higgins (Revolutionary History, Vol. 8, No. 2, 2002). Answers to the comment by Birchall. Tony Cliff: A World to Win Tony Cliff: A World to Win: Life...
Glæde i Saigon efter sejren, mens det gamle regime og de amerikanske imperialister flygter i panik. Saigons fald 1975. Foto: manhhai, (CC BY 2.0) Kilde: flickr.com. Se 30. april 1975.


...dengang hed Spansk Sahara. Links: Vestsahara (Wikipedia.dk). Med links til længere artikel på engelsk. Vestsahara (Leksikon.org)   An unjust transition: energy, colonialism and extractivism in occupied Western Sahara. By Joanna Allan, Hamza Lakhal & Mahmoud Lemaadel (TNI, Transnatinal Institutee/Longreads, 10 November 2021). – A brief history of the Western Sahara...
Philip Agee og bogen CIA Diary : Indside the Company.


...resultater.” Den kommende tragedie i Kosovo – forfejlet konflikthåndtering. Af Jan Øberg (TFF, 22. november 2007). “Den kommende tragedie i Kosovo vil være mere forårsaget af internationale faktorer end af lokale.” From Enver Hoxha to Bill Clinton. By James Robertson (Jacobin, 18 August 2018). “A brief history of the Kosovo...
Station of Kyiv Metro, converted into an air raid shelter after Russian invasion of Ukraine (2022). Photo: Taken om 26 February 2022 by Unknown/the website of Kiev City Council. (CC BY 4.0). Source: Wikimedia Commons.


...discussion) (YouTube, April/May 2013, 1:49 hour). “The lesson of history is that human beings make their own history.” A Marxist History of the World (Counterfire, 2010-2013). With 111 articles. Book edition: A Marxist History of the World: From Neanderthals to Neoliberals (Pluto Press, 2013, 342 p.) + new revised edition:...
Some of Hal Draper's books in English and Danish.

Hal Draper (1914-1990)

...Frandsen. April 2003. Revideret december 2011. [ps2id id=”sites” /]   Sites Center for Socialist History I Archive bl.a. temaer om: Lenin & ‘Leninism’ – Sect, parties & trade unions – The ABC of national liberation movements – Libertarian ‘socialism’. Se også den (begyndende!) online-udgave af 3-bindsværket Marx-Engels Cyclopedia. Marxistarkiv.se Texter...
Chris Harman: A Peoples History of the World, 1999

A People’s History of the World

...2014). New revised edition: A Radical History of the World (Pluto Press, 2018, 580 p.).* See also videos: The History Fix: A Radical History of the World (YouTube, 19 November 2018). 26 lectures by Neil Faulkner. From Ep1: Who are we and what makes us human? to Ep26: What is...

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