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Anneken Hendriks is burned in Amsterdam 1571. Anneken was a Frisian housewife, Anabaptist since 1552. In October 1571, she was identified in Amsterdam and sentenced to death. The executioner was ordered to fill her mouth with gunpowder, tie her to a ladder, and throw her onto a bed of burning coals. Engraving by Jan Luyken (1649–1712), Dutch poet, illustrator and engraver, for the second edition of El Espejo de los Mártires (The Mirror of the Martyrs), 1685. Collektion: Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Public Domain.


Maria van Beckum and her sister-in-law Ursel burned in Delden, 1544. The Baptist Mary of Beckum chained to a stake at the front right to be burned. On the left her sister-in-law Ursel, held by a servant of the law. Soldiers and bystanders in the background. Etching made in 1683-1685 by Jan Luyken (1649–1712), Dutch engraver, poet, painter and writer. The prints used as illustrations for: Theater des martyrs, depuis la mort de J. Christ jusqu'à present (...). = Schau-buhne der Martyrer, P. van der Aa, Leiden ca. 1715, no. 57. The prints were originally made for and first used in: T.J. van Bragt, The bloody scene, or Martelaer's mirror of the baptized-minded or unrelenting Christians, 1685. Collection: Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam, Nederlands. Public Domain.


Witches flying on broomsticks. From the book: The history of witches and wizards: giving a true account of all their tryals in England, Scotland, Swedeland, France, and New England; with their confession and condemnation / Collected from Bishop Hall, Bishop Morton, Sir Matthew Hale, etc. By W.P., 1720. Witches flying on broomsticks. Collection: Wellcome Collection, London, UK. (CC BY 4.0).


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