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Collage of Olympe de Gouges. Left:Olympe de Gouges handing over her Declaration of the Rights of Women and Citizens to Marie-Antoinette. Print, Desrais, Paris, 1790. Engravet by C. Frussotte (1750-18 ..). Engraver; Claude-Louis Desrais (1746-1816). Illustrator. Public Domain. Middle: Marie Olympe de Gouges, widow Aubry (1748-1793). Olympe de Gouges seated on a Louis XV armchair, holding a book in her right hand, 1793. Medium watercolor over graphite on paper made by unknown artist. Collection: Louvre Museum). Public Domain. Right: Execution of Marie Gouze on the scaffold. 'Olympe de Gouges' was the pseudonym used by Marie Gouze, who was a French writer, playwright, pamphleteer, and political philosopher, and who in 1793 was arrested and summarily tried for having defended the Girondists, then guillotined to death. Artist: Mettais? Public Domain.


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