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The city of Münster under siege by prince bishop Franz von Waldeck in 1534. The picture shows the first attack at Pentecost. The text below the image says: "A verzeychnung der Stat Munster with every opportunity / mauren / thüren / pinnacles / wading / closets / pasteyen / unnd geweren / watergreben. Also like that of irem Bischoff on the Friday before Pentecost / MD xxxiiii. Jars berennt / (and?) Zibben casual ringhweis .... to hand over / and afterwards ran to Sant Egidien evening at five locations / and were violently stormed. as some say / at three thousand! God ..." Colored woodcut with type printing from 1535 by Erhard Schoen (c. 1491–1542), German woodcut designer and painter. Collection: Westphalian State Museum for Art and Cultural History, Münster. Public Domain.


1518 Thomas More Utopia (November edition). Map + Alphabet. These are p. 12 & p. 13 of Thomas More's 'Utopia' as printed in november 1518 by Johannes Frobenius in Basel. On the left (p. 12), the map of Utopia island (which responds to the map of 1516); on the right (p. 13), the "Utopiensivm Alphabetvm", (which resumes the one of 1516 edition but is redesigned for this edition). Collection/Credit: The copy of this edition is owned by the Folger Shakespeare Library, Washington, DC, USA. (CC BY-SA 4.0).


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