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Biografi / Filmografi mv.



Ken Loach – A biography, Part 1-4 (1930s to present)

Internet Movie Data Base

Ken Loach
With Filmography etc.


Ken Loach
Kort leksikon intro med filmliste.

Leksikon for det 21. århundrede

Loach, Ken. Af Christian Braad Thomsen.

The Museum of Broadcast Communications

Loach, Ken. By Tony Pearson.


Loach, Ken (1936-)

Senses of Cinema

Ken Loach. By Mike Robins (December 2003).
With filmography, bibliography and web resources.

Sixteen Films
“Sixteen Films is the film production company formed by director Ken Loach and others .. the primary function of the company is to make films written, produced and directed by this team. Sixteen Films have released DVD Box Sets containing all film works directed by Ken Loach over the past two decades.” – store – News – Films – Archives – Upcoming – Etc-

Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Ken Loach

Plakater for 4 Loach-film

Om Ken Loach


Røde Ken fylder 75 år. Af Bjarne Nielsen (17. januar, 2011)
“Filminstruktøren Ken Loach er en af de vigtigste skildrer af arbejderklassen og dens liv og kamp. I alt har han lavet omkring 20 tv-produktioner og 25 film. De fleste rene perler.”

Autonom Infoservice

Anmeldelse: “Jimmy’s Hall”. Af ikh. og al. (20. maj 2015)
“Ken Loach’s [måske sidste] film er traditionen tro en hjerteskærende fortælling om religiøs fanatisme, herskende magt- strukturer og klassesolidaritet fra neden.”


The politics of everyday life. An interview with Ken Loach by Susan Ryan and Richard Porton (Vol.24, No.1, Winter 1998; online at Internet Archive WayBackMachine)
“Although Ken Loach is loath to pigeonhole himself as a ‘social realist,’ his work – from the celebrated BBC films of the Sixties to the present – has been consistently imbued with a tangible respect for the contours of daily life”.

The revolution betrayed. An interview with Ken Loach by Richard Porton (Cineaste, nr.1, winter 1996; online at Internet Archive WayBackMachine)
“When we recently asked to interview Loach about his new film, Land and Freedom, which had its American premiere at the 1995 New York Film Festival, he spoke with us by phone from Nicaragua, where he was on location for his next film, a political thriller which takes place during the Sandinista/Contra war of the late Eighties.”


Ken Loach talks Daniel Blake, Jeremy Corbyn and Leon Trotsky (October 4, 2016)
“The award-winning film director talks about his latest film, his political influences, and the challenges now facing the left in a wide ranging interview with John Rees.”

Democracy & Nature

On media, culture and the prospects for a new liberatory project (Vol. 5, No. 1, March 1999; online at Internet Archive WayBackMachine)
Ken Loach was interviewed by Theodoros Papadopoulos.

The Independent

Ken Loach: Cinema’s own Red Ken. By Cahal Milmo (30 May 2006)
“The factory worker’s son from Nuneaton has crowned a 40-year career by winning the Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival. Cahal Milmo on a director who wears his heart on his celluloid.”


Det er ikke for ingenting, at Ken Loach kaldes ’Røde Ken’. Af Christian Monggaard (16. december 2016). Interview med Ken Loach.
“I over 50 år og næsten lige så mange film har den britiske filminstruktør Ken Loach forsøgt at give stemme til alle dem, der ikke har nogen …”

Det hvide lærreds Røde Ken. Af Cahal Milmo (2. marts 2007)
“Ken Loach. Fabriksarbejderens søn fra Nuneaton kunne sidste år krone en 40 år lang karriere med at vinde De Gyldne Palmer. Portræt af en instruktør, som lægger sit hjerte i celluloid.”

International Socialism

Keeping it real: the brutal art of Ken Loach. By Nick Grant (Issue 160, Autumn 2018, p.161-184)
“What follows here then is a guide to and critical appreciation of Loach’s work focussing on its evident artistic qualities and signature methodology.” With Table: “Key events in Ken Loach’s life and work”.

Scenes from the class war: Ken Loach and socialist cinema. By John Newsinger (Issue 83, Summer 1999)
“At last we have two books celebrating Loach and his work: Loach on Loach, edited by Graham Fuller, and Agent of Challenge and Defiance, edited by George McKnight.”

Jump Cut

Speaking directly to all the people: The films of Ken Loach and Tony Garnett. By Richard Fudge (No.10-11, 1976)
“In any analysis of politically oriented cinema in Britain over the past decade, the names of Ken Loach and Tony Garnett stand out.”

Family Life in the making. Interview with Tony Garnett and Ken Loach by Anthony Barnett (No.10-11, 1976).
About the film Family Life, see also Peter Sedgwick: Who’s mad – you or the system? (Socialist Worker, 5 February 1972) + The critic replies to his critics (11 March 1972)

Red Pepper

When the enemy is at the door (Februay-March 2008; online at Internet Archive WayBackMachine). Will Atkinson talked to Ken Loach.
“Films in general can leave you with a different perception and a question or a sense of anger, which can be productive.”

RS21: Revolutionary Socialism in the 21st Century

Ken Loach, sex work and paternalism. By Kate Bradley (9 October 2019)
“Ken Loach is widely acclaimed for his uncompromising and cutting portrayal of the realities of poverty in his films, but Kate Bradley argues his depictions of sex work fall short.”

Versus: The Life and Films of Ken Loach (26 June 2016)
“Albert Deck seeks inspiration from the new documentary about socialist filmmaker Ken Loach.”

Socialistisk Information

Brødet og roserne (nr.147, 2000, s.26-27)
Alain Krivine interviewer Ken Loach om hans nye film Bread and Roses. Artiklen er p.t. ikke online.

Socialist Review

“Our job is to lay out the broad ideas” (Issue 417, October 2016)
“Socialist Review spoke to film maker Ken Loach about the benefits system, Jeremy Corbyn and where socialists should put their energies.”

Ken Loach retrospective: British Film Institute. By Bob Light (Issue 361, September 2011)
“In June the great socialist film-maker Ken Loach turned 75. To celebrate the British Film Institute is holding a retrospective of most of his important films and some of his matchless work for TV.” See also The Ken Loach retrospective: workers on celluloid (Socialist Worker, Issue 2269, 17 September 2011)

Working class life, two Erics and teamwork (Issue 337, June 2009)
“Director Ken Loach and scriptwriter Paul Laverty talk to Martin Smith about their new film Looking for Eric and looking for a new left.”

Socialistisk Arbejderavis

Politik og inspiration (nr.182, maj 2000)
Interview med Ken Loach om filmen “Bread and Roses”.

Weekly Worker

Behind the red flag (Issue 647, November 2, 2006)
“Lawrence Parker takes a closer look at the artist Ken Loach.”

Workers Liberty

Art versus propaganda: the films of Ken Loach. By Clive Bradley (Issue 39, April 1997)
“This article looks at the question by focusing on just three of Loach’s films, Land and Freedom and Carla’s Song, his two most recent, which are among his most strongly political, and Kes, an early film which is probably the least political in his career.”

Workers Power

Film and freedom. By Alejandra Rios (February 1999)
“Ken Loach has made many memorable films, most recently My Name is Joe. An earlier Loach film, Land and Freedom, dealt with the Spanish Civil war of the late 1930s. As in all his films Loach’s loyalty to the working class and its struggles is evident.”

World Socialist Web Site

A conversation with Ken Loach (21 October 2010)
“David Walsh and Joanne Laurier spoke to director Ken Loach, accompanied by screenwriter Paul Laverty, about his latest film, Route Irish, at the recent Toronto film festival.”


Face to Face (37:43 min.).
BBC interview with Ken Loach from 1993.

Se også:

Putting our class on the screen (Socialist Worker, Issue 2511, 5 July 2016). “Tony Garnett, producer of Cathy Come Home, talks to Sadie Robinson about battling BBC bosses, representing working class life and why we need socialist change.”


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