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29. november 2021
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Marxist Books on the Global Financial Crisis and Capitalism - Søgeresultat

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Philip Agee og bogen CIA Diary : Indside the Company.


...what caused the greatest global financial crash in the history of capitalism so far.” The market meltdown we’re still paying for. By the editors (SocialistWorker.org, September 16, 2013). “The Wall Street banksters caused the financial crisis of 2008 with their wild gambling with untold billions of dollars–betting on people losing...
Omslag på Davide Harveys bog: 17 modsætninger og enden på kapitalisme. Solidaritets Forlag

David Harvey og kapitalismen

...Books on the Global Financial Crisis and Capitalism . With reviews of Harvey’s book: The Enigma of Capital: And the Crises of Capitalism (2010) (scroll down to Harvey, David). Karl Marx’ ’Kapitalen’ og kriseteorier. With reviews of Harvey’s books: A Companion to Marx’s ’Capital’, Vol. 1 and 2 (2010-2013). Hits:...
Forside på Zombie Capitalism af Chris Harman

Chris Harman’s ‘Zombie Capitalism’

...seriousness of the new slump and at the relevance of Marxist theory in providing an explantion of how the one turned into the other. This first part looks at the core of the system, the advanced capitalist states.” The state and capitalism today (No.51, Summer 1991, p.3-54) “Chris Harman examines...
Protester i Yemen, februar 2011. Se "det arabiske forår" og februar nedenfor. Kilde: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Yemen_protest.jpg


...threat of imperialist intervention in Syria.” What is the future of the Syrian revolution? (SocialistWorker.org, August 16, 2012). “Lee Sustar looks at the latest developments in the Syrian revolution*]}*–and the debate on the left over the character of the revolution and imperialist intervention.The geopolitics of the Syrian uprising/insurgency. By...
"Kbh. mod fremmedhad - Stop Pegida" - For og imod Pegida (19. januar 2015-demoer). Foto: af Mette Kramer Kristensen/Monsun. Se 5. januar nedenfor.


...materiel sold directly to Saudi Arabia, one thing is clear: The U.S. is playing a major role in the chaos unravelling Yemen.” My Perspective on the War on Yemen. By James Jordan-Bradley (Facebook: Global opposition to the war on Yemen, April 23, 2015). “The war on Yemen will only bring...
Forside på Thomas Piketty: Kapitalen. Gyldendal 2014.

Thomas Pikettys “Kapitalen i det 21. århundrede”

...very sound guide to policy.” The Economist Inequality: A Piketty problem? By Ryan Avent (May 24, 2014). “Based on the information Mr Giles has provided so far, however, the analysis does not seem to support many of the allegations made by the FT, or the conclusion that the book’s argument...
Maleri af Gustaf Munch-Petersen, Bjergsø, udateret. Public Domain.


...The Encyclopedia of Trotskyism On-Line). Also with articles and essays on the events leading up to the Congress. Section: Toward a history of the Fourth International (Marxists Internet Archive; The Encyclopedia of Trotskyism On-Line) Fourth International (Wikipedia.org) On the 80th anniversary of the founding of the Fourth International. By David...
Demonstrationen gør holdt på Kultorvet før "stormen på Børsen". Foto: Københavns Kriminal- og Politiret, Justitskontoret. Pådømte Sager juli-oktober 1918, pakke 1280. Rigsarkivet - Danish National Archives. Public Domain.


...også online på Marxisme Online. From chapter 6 in Victor Serge, Year One of the Russian Revolution (1930): The truce and the great retrenchment: ‘The proleariat’s democratic revolution in Finland’ & ‘The white terror in Finland’ (online at Marxists Internet Archive). Den vita segerns svarta skugga: Finland och inbördeskriget 1918...
I november 2016 bliver USAs næste præsidnet meget overraskende højre-populisten Donald Trump. Photo: Socialist Alternative. Kilde: Black Perspectives.


...analysis of the data from the election.The election of Trump and the struggle ahead (SocialistWorker.org, November 11, 2016). “An International Socialist Organization statement on the election and what’s next.” How Trump won. By Jedediah Purdy (Jacobin: Reason in Revolt, 11 November 2016). “The Democratic Party’s abandonment of the working...
Brexit between United Kingdom EU. Photo: Petr Kratochvil (CC0 1.0)

Den britiske venstrefløj og EU-afstemning juni 2016 / Brexit and the Left

...independent working class stance to accommodation with chauvinism and Stalinist “socialist-in-one-country” deserves to be better known.” United Europe and the Marxist tradition. By Paul Hampton (8 August 2015). “The classical Marxist tradition debated many of the issues at stake in the referendum, from the standpoint of wanting to bring about...

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