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Præsidentvalget i USA 2008


The US elections in November draws a special attention.

The candidates from the “two great gangs of political speculators” (1) and their running mates seems so different.
And first of all because the president at last about to leave is responsible for both wars and occupations in Afghanistan and Iraq, and has become the symbol of the right wing both in US and international. “Our” Danish government is a part of this coalition.

We have selected links on the presidential election, which cast light upon the other candidates than those of the great parties from the “swamp of corruption” (1), – links which refers to debates popping up again and again at all US presidential elections and parlamentarian elections in all countries: the debate of the “lesser evil” (i.e. that Obama is a lesser evil than “one more Bush” (McCain) and the waste of votes-argument (i.e. “in reality you support Bush by voting for an independent candidate”, an argument that in particular has been used against the Nader-campaigns.
As usually our sources are some reference-resources, but mainly we have drawn from the English speaking left wing and socialist press and websites.

Bjarne A. Frandsen & Jørgen Lund, September 11, 2008

(1) from quotation by Friedrich Engels (1891) on the two main parties in US politics.

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