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 Appendix: … And Hillary?

About.com : Political Humor
Election 08
“Funny Coverage of Top Republicans & Democrats.”


 A list of McCain’s nastiest moments (October 2, 2008)
“Think there’s no way that John’s actually that bad? You haven’t seen this list.”

 The 10 Most Talked-About Election ’08 Viral Videos. By Isaac Fitzgerald, (September 17, 2008.)
“In a presidential election where online videos seem more important (and better) than the candidates’ ads, here are 10 that you can’t miss.”

Funny or Die

Categories: Politics

Web Series Videos – Incl.

 McCain’s Brain #1: The Truth Behind Sarah Palin

A bit funne, everal parts following each others

Indecision 2008
“Funny coverage of the 2008 election (on The Daily Show – with Jon Stewart and Colbert Report …) Blog, Games, Videos, Candidates, Issues, Addictionaries.”
Incl. Face Off Videos (interviews with candidates)

Daily Show is broadcasted daily on Danish DR2 app. 23:45.

Election 2008 – It’s Time for Some Campaignin’

Catogories: Election
“JibJab Sendables eCards! Our funny eCards provide the brain a much needed release by making you laugh, thus suppressing the frustration, confusion and outright rage that can cause ‘election fatigue’.”


 McCain’s Britney Spears Ad Against Obama

 Paris Hilton Responds to McCain Ad

 Paris Hilton Gets Presidential with Martin Sheen (2:28 min.) Funny or Die.com
“Paris seeks the advice of the most esteemed fake president of our generation”.



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