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Globalize This : Table of Contents (with links)


Globalize This! – The Battle Against the World Trade Organization and Corporate Rule

Edited by Kevin Danaher and Roger Burbach (Monroe, Maine, Common Courage Press, 2000, 218 pages)



People Making History (p.7-11)

Section One: What Happened In Seattle and What Does It Mean?

Chapter 1:

Paul Hawken: Skeleton Women Visits Seattle (p.14-34)

Chapter 2:

Starhawk: How We Really Shut Down the WTO (p.35-40)

Chapter 3:

Luis Hernandez Navarro: The Revolt of the Globalized (p.41-43)

Chapter 4:

Ken Butigan: We Traveled to Seattle: A Pilgrimage of Transformation (p.44-47)

Chapter 5:

Martin Khor: Seattle Debacle: Revolt of the Developing Nations (p.48-52)

Chapter 6:

Susan George 1]: [Fixing or Nixing the WTO (p.53-58)

Chapter 7:

Seth Ackerman: Prattle in Seattle: Media Coverage Misrepresented the Protest (p.59-66)

Chapter 8:

Medea Benjamin: The Debate Over Tactics (p.67-72) [This contribution was not found on the Internet, Nov. 2014].

Section Two: Dealing with Diversity

Chapter 9:

Elizabeth (Betita) Martinez: Where Was the Color in Seattle? (p.74-81)

Chapter 10:

Manning Marable: Seattle and Beyond: Making the Connection in the 21st Century (p.82-84)

Chapter 11:

Indigenous Peoples’ Caucus: Indigenous Peoples’ Seattle Declaration (p.85-91)

Chapter 12:

Unity Statement of Philippine Social Movements, Labor Groups, People’Organizations and NGOs (p.92-96) [This contribution was not found on the Internet, Nov 2014].


Section Three: The Case Against the WTO

Chapter 13:

Juliette Beck & Kevin Danaher: Top Ten Reasons to Oppose the WTO (p.98-102)

Chapter 14:

Walden Bello: Reforming the WTO Is the Wrong Agenda (p.103-119)

Chapter 15:

Vandana Shiva: Spinning a New Mythology: the WTO as Protector of the Poor (p.120-123) [This contribution was not found on the Internet, Nov 2014].

Chapter 16:

David Bacon: Will a Social Clause in Trade Agreements Advance International Solidarity? (p124-128)

Chapter 17:

Environmental Research Foundation: The WTO Turns Back the Enviromental Clock (p.129-134)

Chapter 18:

Peter Rosset: A New Food Movement Comes of Age in Seattle (p.135-140). [This contribution was not found on the Internet, nov. 2014].

Section Four: Ways to Restructure the Global Economy

Chapter 19:

William Greider: It’s Time to Go on the Offensive. Here’s How (p.143-157) [This contribution was not found on the Internet, nov.2014].

Chapter 20:

Steven Shrybman: Trade Now, Pay Later (p.158-162)

Chapter 21:

Walden Bello: UNCTAD: Time to Lead, Time to Challenge the WTO (p.163-174)

Chapter 22:

Robin Round: Time for a Tobin Tax (p.175-181)

Chapter 23:

Tony Clarke: Rewriting the Rules for Global Investment (p.182-187)

Chapter 24:

Deborah James: Fair Trade, Not Free Trade (p.188-194)

Chapter 25:

Kevin Danaher: Why and How to Pressure the World Bank (p.195-202) [This contribution was not found on the Internet, Nov. 2014].

Chapter 26:

Deborah James: Conclusion: Ten Ways to Democratize the Global Economy (p.203-208)

Compilers notes:

1] Ressources on: [Susan George (Modkraft.dk/Tidsskriftcentret)



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