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Globalize This : Table of Contents (with links)



The Battle of Seattle

“November 30, 1999 marked a turning point in history”
These are the opening words of an important book, which tells us what actually happened before Seattle and in Seattle in November 1999: Globalize This! : The Battle Against the World Trade Organization and Corporate Rule, edited by Kevin Danaher & Roger Burbach (Monroe, Maine, Common Courage Press, 2000, 218 pages)

This book presents a few of the more important activists and educators in the Seattle movement.
From the book we have collected as many of the contributions in the book that we could find on the Internet.
There might be differences in titles or authors between the book and the Internet, and some contributions are edited or slightly different, but they are, in essence, the same.

The introduction People Making History from the book states “… Seattle was the coming out party for a new global movement for citizen power that will certainly go on ”¦”
Also in Europe we have felt the new rising mood in the resistance against powerful multinational institutions resulting in manifestations and demonstrations in Prague in September and Nice at the European summit, as high points in year 2000.

Some of the collected contributions contain quite a number of Internet links and references. The book concludes with resources available on the Internet – a ‘what to do’ section, and with the words from the introduction in the book “there are so many organizations working on these issues that we could fill an entire book … We have tried to provide references to key groups working on what we believe to be cutting edge issues in the struggle to democratize the global economy.” Under 10 political programmatic headings Global Exchange has gathered a collection of more than 40 Internet links in chapter 26: Conclusion: Ten Ways to Democratize the Global Economy.

We have made this collection of Internet links (webliography) to allow the “Battle of Seattle” to inspire and mobilize for the EU-summit in Gothenburg, Sweden, June 15-16, – attracting both US-president George W. Bush and many European activists.

Fraternal thanks to Global Exchange for the right to reproduce parts of the book.
The book can be purchased at Global Exchange online store] $ 15.95, or at Internet bookshops (app. £ 12), – and in Denmark to our knowledge only at the online [Modstand.org [Bøger til socialister] (150 danske kroner).

Compiled by Jørgen Lund
May 2001, updated November 2009, revised November 2014

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