Sweezy, Paul Marlor

A Biographical Dictionary of Dissenting Economists
Sweezy, John Marlor (pdf). By John Bellamy Foster (Edited by Philip Aretis and Malcolm Sawyer. Edward Elgar, 2000, p.642-651; online at Digamo.free.fr). Scroll down.

Monthly Review

Dough Dowd: Some memories of Paul Baran and Paul Sweezy (MR Online, 29 September 2012)

John Bellamy Foster: The commitment of an intellectual: Paul M. Sweezy, 1910-2004 (Vol.56, No.5, October 2004, p.4-39)

Christopher Phelps: Introduction: a socialist magazine in the American century (Vol.51, No.1, May 1999, p.1-30)

Crises of Capitalism and Social Democracy. John Bellamy Foster interviewed by Bill Blackwater (Renewal: A Journal of Social Democracy, Vol.21, No,1, 2013; online at MR Online, 29 May 2013). About the journal’s analyses and it’s influence.

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Paul Sweezy

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