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Handbill distributed by US Forces during the invasion of Grenada. The picture, taken the day after the invasion, on October 26, 1983 - includes (foreground) an Army Psychological Warfare leaflet prepared in advance and dropped by US Air Forces during the invasion of Grenada + and (background) Army Rangers marching through on day two finding the leaflets on the ground. Army Psychological Warfare units became operational on the island a few days later, to operate the AN/TRT-22 radio transmitter that replaced the Radio Grenada transmitter destroyed during the fighting. The "handbill" was also handed out during the invasion. Photo: EDomingos (talk). Public Domain. Source: Wikimedia Commons.


Tet Offensive, Saigon 1968. A Viet Cong prisoner sits next to corpses of 11 of his slain fellow guerrillas after a street fight in Saigon-Cholon on February 11, 1968. In the background are Vietnamese Marines that defeated a Viet Cong platoon holed up in the residential area. The prisoner was later taken out for interrogation. Photo: Eddie Adams/AP. (CC BY 2.0). Source: flickr.com


"Vesterbrogade 112, baghuset. Pladen af marmor for socialisten Vladimir Iljitsch Lenin, der under et ophold i København boede i ejendommen." Se nedenfor aug.-sept. 1910. Kkilde og citat: Københavns Kommunes Biblioteker.


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