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A demonstration of workers from the Putilov plant in Petrograd (modern day St. Peterburg), Russia, during the February Revolution. The left banner reads (misspelt) "Feed [plural imperative] the children of the defenders of the motherland"; the right banner, "Increase payments to the soldiers' families - defenders of freedom and world peace". Both refer to the economic toll the First World War was having on civilian life, February 1917 (probably around March 7 [O.S. February 22]) Photo: Unknown. Public Domain.


Flertal i dansk folkeafstemning imod EUs Maastricht-aftale. Billede af S. Hermann & F. Richter fra Pixabay


Steppeulvenes plade Hip. Foto: pma. Se nedenfor 1. juni 1967


Revolt by the gates of a park 1897 in A Weavers Revolt. Radering by Käthe Kollwitz (1867—1945). Public Domain. Location: Hermitage Museum, Saint Petersburg, Russia.


The Fall of the Berlin Wall, 1989. The photo shows a part of a public photo documentation wall at the Brandenburg Gate, Berlin. Photo: Original photo by unknown author. Reproduction from public documentation/memorial by Lear 21 at English Wikipedia. (CC BY-SA 3.0). Source: Wikimedia Commons. Se om Berlinmurens fald, 9, november nedenfor.


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