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Den amerikanske prisbelønnede film “Selma” fra 2014 har dansk premiere torsdag 26. maj 2015. Filmen foregår i den lille amerikanske by Selma i Alabama i 1965, hvor en gruppe sorte aktivister, anført af baptistpræsten Martin Luther King jr., aktionerer for sorte vælgeres valgret, kulminerende med den 80 km. lange march fra Selma til delstatens hovedstad Montgomery. Se data (og biografer) om filmen på Scope.dk.

Anmeldelser mv. / Reviews of the movie etc.:

  • Selma (film) (Wikipedia.org).
  • Review by Michelle Adhemar (Socialist Review, Issue 399, February 2015). “Selma manages beautifully to articulate a struggle of historic importance.”
  • They wouldn’t let nobody turn them around (SocialistWorker.org, January 15, 2015). “Marlene Martin tells the story of a landmark struggle of the civil rights movement that has been brought to life in a new and justly celebrated movie.”
  • The historical and political issues in Selma. By Fred Mazelis and Tom Mackaman (World Socialist Web Site, 20 January 2015). “The 50th anniversary of the historic 1965 march from Selma, Alabama to the state capital of Montgomery takes place in March of this year. The Selma struggle played a key role in the passage of the Voting Rights Act later that year.”



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