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Se index over personer, organisationer/partier og over værker (bøger, malerier, mm.), steder , begivenheder, mm., der er på hele Tidslinjen, titler og indhold på emnelisterne osv.

11. juli 1690
Slaget ved Boyne betyder sikring af det protestantiske/britiske herredømme over Nordirland.


Battle of the Boyne (Wikipedia.org). Længere engelsk artikel.

Slaget ved Boyne (Wikipedia.no). Noget kortere bokmål-artikel.

Orange March (Wikipedia.org)

1690: ‘Derry, Aughrim and the Boyne’. By Deery Aidan Campbel (Militant, July-August 1990). “The outcome of the war led to two centuries of oppression of the peasantry. It led to the bloody conflicts that have left a legacy today. It is up to the united working class in fighting for a socialist Ireland and a socialist federation of Britain and Ireland to end that legacy.”

Loyalist Myths: King Billy Revisited (Workers Solidarity Movement, 16 July 1997)

Orange Myths. By Richard Montague (Socialist Standard, Issue 972, August 1985)

July the 12th. By James Connolly (1913) (Marxists Internet Archive). “The Anniversary of the Battle of the Boyne is celebrated in Belfast by what is locally known as an Orange Walk.”

“William who is portrayed throughout Northern Ireland, on his horse, sword in hand, waving his hat at the Battle of the Boyne .. He became the symbol of the most backward, reactionary attitudes. The very word Orangeism comes from his title”. (kilde: Duncan Hallas: The Decisive Settlement (Socialist Worker Review, Issue 113, October 1988)

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