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28. november 1820

1820friedrich-engels.jpgFriedrich Engels fødes i Barmen i Tyskland. (Dør 5.8.1895 i London).



“Die berühmte Bierrunden-Aufnahme”: Im Gasthof zum Löwen Bendlikon bei Zürich  1893. Von links nach rechts: Dr. Simon (Schwiegersohn Bebels), Frieda Simon-Bebel, Clara Zetkin, Friedrich Engels, Juli Bebel, August Bebel, Ernst Schatter, Regine Bernstein, Eduard Bernstein (teilweise abgeschnitten).(Source: Foto von Herman Greulich.


The return of Engels. By John Bellamy Foster (Jacobin: Reason in Revolt, 28 November 2016). “On the occasion of his birthday, let’s celebrate the incredible contributions of Marx collaborator Friedrich Engels.” See revised edition (Monthly Review, Vol.68, No.10, 2017)

Engels revisited (Socialist Review, March 2013). “Sally Campbell … defends Engels from the critics.”

Reviews/debate of Tristram Hunt’s The Frock-Coated Communist: The Revolutionary Life of Friedrich Engels (Allen Lane, 2009, 416 p.). (Alternative title: Marx’s General):
Engels’s contradictions: a reply to Tristram Hunt. By Roland Boer (International Socialism, Issue 133, Winter 2012)
Review by John Ehrenberg (Logos, Vol.10, No.3, 2011)
A superior account of Engels and his life’s work. By Keith Harvey (Permanent Revolution, Issue 14, Autumn 2009)
An Engels for the bourgeoisie. By Katherine Connelly (International Socialism, Issue 124, Autumn 2009)
Review by Ian Birchall (Socialist Review, Issue 336, May 2009)

Engels on revolutionary tactics, 1889–1895. By Gerd Callesen (Socialism and Democracy, Vol.26, No.1, 2012, p.85-102). “In the recently published MEGA2 volumes (I/30 to I/32), we find all of Engels’ texts from the period after Marx’s death except for his work on Capital.”

The ‘grand old man’s’ revolutionary legacy. By Philip Wade (A World to Win, 2008). Review of John Green’s Engels: A Revolutionary Life (Artery Publications, 2008, 347 p.). “[The book] is both well written and a joy to read and will appeal to a wide readership.”

Engels: A Revolutionary Life. By Peter Taaffe (The Socialist, 4 June 2008). Review of John Green’s book: “John Green is to be commended for bringing Engels, one of the greatest figures in human history, to life for modern readers.”

Frederick Engels: theorist and fighter. By Simon Basketter (Socialist Worker, issue 2105, 14 June 2008). “Sometimes Frederick Engels is seen simply as Karl Marx’s lieutenant, but he was a great socialist activist and thinker in his own right.”

Engels: theorist of war, theorist of revolution. By Gilbert Achcar (International Socialism, Issue 97, Winter 2002, p.69-89). “… looking back to the debates of the Second International and the writings of Frederick Engels.”

Engels. By Tony Cliff (Marxists Internet Archive). Talk given at Marxism 1996 conference.

Special issue: The revolutionary ideas of Frederick Engels (International Socialism, Issue 65, December 1994, 216 p.):
Lindsey German’s Frederick Engels: life of a revolutionary introduces readers to the events which shaped Engels and his ideas.
John Rees’ Engels’ Marxism replies to those who accuse Engels of distorting Marx’s ideas and of laying the foundations of reformism and Stalinism.
Chris Harman’s Engels and the origins of human society looks at Engel’s work on human evolution, the rise of class society and the roots of women’s oppression.
Paul McGarr’s Engels and natural science examines scientific development against the background of Engels’ ideas.                                                                                Anmeldelse: Marx’ other half. By Pete Morgan (Socialist Review, No. 181, page 29)(p.t. not online, Aug. 2017)

I Anledning af 30-Årsdagen for Friedrich Engels Død (1925). Af Karl Kautsky (Marxisme Online).

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