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1. februar 1805

Den franske revolutionære Louis Auguste Blanqui fødes i Puget-Théniers (dør i Paris, 1. januar 1881).


Louis-Auguste Blanqui Archive (Marxists Internet Archive; Reference Writers). With articles by Blanqui and biography.

Communist Insurgent: Blanqui’s Politics of Revolution. By Ian Birchall (Historical Materialism, 2018). Review of Doug Enaa Greene’s book (Haymarket, 2017, 292 p.). “… Greene’s book does not close the argument (of conspiratorial organisations of Blanqui vs. mass working-class organisations) but opens it up. One hopes that it will be widely read and discussed.” See also review by Keith Flett: Blanqui – rescued from the enormous condescension of posterity (London Socialist Historians Group Newsletter, Issue 64, Summer 2018).

Blanqui and the Communist Enlightenment. By Doug Enaa Greene (Links: International Journal of Socialist Renewal, February 6, 2018). “Louis-Auguste Blanqui believed that the legacy of the Enlightenment and the French Revolution was worth defending. However, Blanqui recognized that a mere passive defense of both was not enough.”

Blanqui’s politics of revolution (Links: International Journal of Socialist Renewal, October 18, 2017). “In this interview, historian Doug Greene talks about Blanqui, his life and politics, and more.”

Why Blanqui? (Verso, Blog, 1 February 2017). “Before Marx, there was Blanqui; born 212 years ago today. Below, historian Doug Enaa Greene – author of the forthcoming Specters of Communism: Blanqui and Marx – surveys the life and thought of the French radical.”

Benjamin, Blanqui and the Apocalypse. By Doug Enaa Greene (Red Wedge, September 13, 2016). “For Blanqui and Benjamin, the revolution involves a rupture.”

The will to act: The life and thought of Louis-Auguste Blanqui. By Doug Enaa Greene (Links: International Journal of Socialist Renewal, Ocober 24, 2014). “For 50 years of his life, he would organise multiple conspiracies and launch a half-dozen failed insurrections to topple the rule of capital and inaugurate a socialist republic.”

Louis Blanqui: A man of action. By Michéal MacEoin (Solidarity, Issue 301, 25 October 2013). “Louis Auguste Blanqui was a French socialist whose conspiratorial breed of revolutionary politics has a complex and controversial relationship with Marxism.”

The radical gap. By Jacques Rancière (Radical Philosophy, Issue 185, May-June 2014). A preface to Auguste Blanqui, Eternity by the Stars Dossier: Blanqui’s Eternal Gap [1872] (Paris, Les Impressions Nouvelles, 2002).

Auguste Blanqui, heretical communist. By Daniel Bensaaid and Michael Löwy (Radical Philosophy, Issue 185, May-June 2014). Only extracts online.

Blanqui’s eternity by the stars: despite it all. By Doug Enaa Greene (CounterPunch, December 13-15, 2013). Review of Louis-Auguste Blanqui, Eternity by the Stars: An Astronomical Analysis (Contra Mundum Press, 2013). “The only method of action open to Blanqui was an elite and tight-knit conspiracy which would strike capital at the appointed time to bring about communism.”

Auguste Blanqui (, May 26, 2009). A translation of the preface to a recent collection of Blanqui’s writings (Dominiqu Le Nuz, Maintenant, il faut des arms, Editions La Fabrique, 2007).

The relations of Marx with Blanqui. By David Riazanov (Labour Monthly, August 1928). “Marx and Engels were for a long time accused of Blanquism.”

Se også:

Marx, Blanqui and majority rule. By Monty Johnstone (Socialist Register 1983, p.296-318). “Is the support of the majority of the population necessary for the socialist transformation of society?”

Marx and the Dictatorship of the Proletariat. By Hal Draper (New Politics, Vol.1, No.4, Summer 1962). “Marx and Engels, rejecting the Blanquist concept of dictatorship, counterposed to it their own formulation of the ‘dictatorship of the proletariat’.”

Tidslinjen 12. maj 1839 om opstanden i Paris.

2. april 1805

Så er det jo at H.C. Andersen blir født i Odense (og dør i Kbh. 4.8.1875).


Personlisten H.C. Andersen – i en progressiv vinkel (

7. juni 1805

Den franske kvindeorganisator og utopiske socialist Pauline Roland fødes. (Dør 15.12.1852 i Lyon)

Roland, Pauline (

Eva Ahlstedt: Paulline Roland – en märklig pionjär och hennes tragiska öde. (pdf-fil)

3. december 1805

Den franske feminist og socialist Jeanne(-Francoise) Deroin fødes i Paris. (Dør 2.4.1894 i London).

Deroin, Jeanne (

Jeanne Deroin (Encyclopedia of 1848 Revolutions).

Aux Citoyens Français! [English text] (La Voix des Femmes, no. 7 (27 March 1848) (Women and Social Movements in the United Staes, 1600-2000).

10. december 1805

William Lloyd Garrison, amerikansk slaverimodstander (abolitionist) og grundlægger af avisen The Liberator (1831-65) fødes i Newburyport, Massachusetts (dør 24.5.1879)


William Lloyd Garrison (Spartacus Schoolnet)

William Lloyd Garrison (Africans in America)

William Lloyd Garrison ( Med mange links, inklusiv ‘works online’. Billedresultat for william lloyd garrisonSe også/See also: Emnebox om Slaveri / Slavery (Socialistisk Bibliotek)



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