Català: Angela Davis, 4 October 2017. Kilde: Foto: Columbia GSAPP (CC BY 2.5)
Català: Angela Davis, 4 October 2017. Kilde: Foto: Columbia GSAPP (CC BY 2.5)
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Den afro-amerikanske aktivist Angela Davis er født 26. januar 1944 i Birmingham, Alabama (Berømt by for borgerrettighedskampen i 60’erne / City famous for civil rights struggles in the 60′, se article on

Den 4. juni 1972 frikendes hun efter ca. 1½ års retssag – og stor international solidaritetskampagne – for anklagerne for at have forsynet Jonathan Jackson (Soledad-brødrene) med våben i retssalen i San Raphal, Californien, hvor politiet myrdede brødrene Jackson. Angela Davis har været aktiv i nationale kampagner for politiske fanger og omkring fængselsforhold. Indtil 2008 var hun professor på Californiens Universitet. Allerede i de tidligere 60’ere læste hun på universitet hos den tyske filosof og politiske teoretiker, Herbert Marcuse.

Indhold / Content:

DDRs Erich Honecker byder Angela Davis velkommen i Berlin 11/9 1972
DDRs Erich Honecker byder Angela Davis velkommen i Berlin 11/9 1972



Angela Davis på FI-efterlysnings.plakat august 1970.


Articles, books, interviews:

Om Angela Davis, svart radikal kvinna (pdf) (, 8. marts 2019, 4 s.)
Som en hyllning till Internationella kvinnodagen publicerar vi två texter om den svarta kvinnliga radikala aktivisten Angela Davis.

USA: ”Jeg tror, at der findes andre måder end afstraffelse og fængsel” (Autonom Infoservice, 29. august 2019). Om USA’s fængselsindustri + interview med Angela Davis, feminist og “Black Woman Revolutionary”, med noter og videoer (oversat fra Jungle World, nr. 51, 2014).

From segregation to black liberation. By Naima Omar (Socialist Review, Issue 450, October 2019). “This is the first of three columns looking at the life, politics and activism of Angela Davis, a living icon for revolutionaries.” See part 2: America’s most wanted (Issue 451, November 2019).

Angela Davis: Relevant as ever after thirty years. By Alice Ragland (Against the Current, Issue 199, March-April 2019). “Active and influential in international freedom struggles for nearly six decades, her speeches and writings have valuable lessons to teach us about the major injustices that we face in this era of heightened racism, xenophobia, and reactionary violence.” See also David Finkel: The activism of Angela Davis (ibid.).

Political prisoners, prisons and black liberation + Prison interviews with Angela Y. Davis (Verso, Blog, 21 February 2018). Extract from If They Come in the Morning …: Voices of Resistance. Edited by Angela Y. Davis (Verso, 2016, 288 p.). “With race and the police once more burning issues, this classic work from one of America’s giants of black radicalism has lost none of its prescience or power.

Our struggles link us together (, March 16, 2016). Review of Angela Davis, Freedom Is a Constant Struggle: Ferguson, Palestine and the Foundations of a Movement (Haymarket Books, 2016, 180 p.). “One of the best-known figures from a previous era of radicalization has collected her insights into a new book. Leela Yellesetty recommends them to a new generation.”

Angela Davis: Black liberation and socialism. By Nick Stone (Permanent Revolution, 2 November 2008; online at Internet Archive WayBackMachine). Review of Angela Davis: an autobiography (The Women’s Press, 1990). “Her life and work remain a key talking point for socialists and her life remains an inspiration.”

Are Prisons Obsolete? (pdf). By Angela Y. Davis (Seven Stories Press, 2003, 128 pages; online at The Anarchist Library). “It is my hope that this book will encourage readers to question their own assumptions about the prison.”

Interview Angela Davis (PBS/Frontline, 1998). “Looks back on the sixties’ struggles and why ‘the movement crashed’. She discusses the choices that faced black activists at the time – such as pan-Africanism and the Panthers’ radical economic program – and evaluates the legacy of each.”

The approaching obsolescence of housework: A working-class perspective (Marxists Internet Archive).  Chapter 13 in Angela Davis, Women, Race and Class (1981). “The abolition of housework as the private responsibility of individual women is clearly a strategic goal of women’s liberation.

Angela Davis by Shepard FaireyShepard Fairey: Angela Davis, 2005 (se Prescription Arts)



Slavery and the Prison Industrial Complex (, 2:03:11 hours, Davis 7 min. -). Angela Davis 5th Annual Eric Williams Memorial Lecture at Florida International University, 9-19-2003; Speaker: Angela Davis, Professor in History of Consciousness and Chair of Women’s Studies, University of California, Santa Cruz.

Angela Davis interview (, 8:44 min.). Excerpt from The Black Power Mixtape.

Angela Davis speaks in support of Mumia Jamal. (Youtube, 10:33)


Bøger på dansk:

  • Angela Davis: En selvbiografi. Af Angela Davis (Gyldendal, 1975, 361 sider).
  • Hvis de kommer om morgenen: modstandsrøster. Af Angela Davis, Ruchell Magee, Soledad-brødrene (Tiden, 1972, 176 sider).

See: ‘Jailhouse Lawyers,’ Mumia’s new book: an interview with Angela Davis, author of the foreword (BayView, April 23, 2009).


Se også: / See also

Om Soledad-brødrene, se artikel på + Luke Pickrell: The murder of a Soledad Brother (, August 21, 2018).

Se også på Socialistisk Bibliotek:


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